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XC MTB: History, Competitions and Practice Levels

Cross-Country (XC) mountain biking occupies a prominent place in the world of off-road cycling, combining endurance, technique and competitive spirit. In this article, we will explore the history of XC mountain biking, the different competitive disciplines associated with it, as well as the various levels of practice for enthusiasts.

History of XC mountain biking

The history of XC mountain biking dates back to the early days of mountain biking in the 1970s and 1980s. At that time, mountain biking was primarily used for mountain rides, but riders soon began looking for ways to push their limits. Cross-Country has emerged as a discipline aimed at combining the passion for mountain biking exploration with a competitive spirit.

Over the years, XC mountain biking has undergone major developments in terms of technology and materials. XC bikes have become lighter, stronger and more capable, allowing riders to take on increasingly demanding challenges on varied terrain.

Disciplines in Competition

Olympic Cross-Country (XCO)

XCO is the flagship discipline of competitive XC mountain biking. It takes place on varied circuits, ranging from technical trails to steep climbs. Competitors complete several laps of a defined circuit, with areas of climbs, descents, and technical passages. The combination of speed, endurance and technical mastery makes XCO a complete challenge for riders.

Cross-Country Marathon (XCM)

XCM is a variation of XC that places more emphasis on distance. Marathon races can span long distances, testing participants' endurance over varied terrain. Routes can include sections of trails, roads and even high mountain climbs, providing a unique experience for cyclists with a passion for endurance.

Team Relay

The team relay is an XC competition where members of a team take turns to complete a predefined circuit. Each member must give their best to ensure a quick and efficient transition between runners. This discipline adds a strategic and cooperative dimension to XC competition.

XC MTB Practice Levels


Beginners in the world of XC mountain biking can start with easy trails and introductory courses. Entry-level XC bikes offer ideal versatility for beginners, combining light weight and durability. It is essential to develop basic driving skills and gain endurance before progressing to more demanding terrain.


Intermediate cyclists are looking to hone their technical skills and increase their endurance. High-end XC bikes offer advanced features such as sophisticated suspensions and state-of-the-art drivetrain systems. More challenging XC courses become a natural step for those looking to push their limits.

Experts and Competitors

XC mountain bike experts are often engaged in regional, national or even international competitions. They use high-end XC bikes, specially designed for competition, with lightweight materials and high-performance components. Their level of technical mastery and their ability to maintain high intensity over varied distances make them exceptional athletes.


Cross-Country MTB, with its rich history and varied competitions, offers a unique experience to mountain bike enthusiasts. From beginner-friendly trails to Olympic-level competition, XC mountain biking offers something for every rider. Whether you're a passionate beginner or a seasoned competitor, XC mountain biking continues to inspire excitement with its inimitable blend of endurance, technique and competition.

In summary, XC mountain biking remains a pillar of the mountain biking world, with a fascinating history, demanding competitions and levels of practice suitable for all off-road two-wheel enthusiasts. Get ready to pedal, climb steep hills and face the challenges of XC mountain biking, an adventure that combines passion and competition in a whirlwind of adrenaline.

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