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  • Choice of a bike stem

    Function of a bike stem:

    A bike stem is a peripheral component that provides the mechanical interface between the fork tube and the bike handlebar for road bike. It can be used for bike headset adjustment (headset standard).

    The bike stem is a key item in its steering and handling, responsiveness and handling.

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  • Bicycle cassette selection

    What is the function of a cassette on a bicycle?

    A cassette consists of several sprockets which are fixed on a freewheel, they are driven by a chain. The cassette is one of the items used to vary the gear ratio or reduction ratio of the drivetrain so that the speed of rotation of the rear wheel varies. Lower the number of teeth of the sprocket driven by the chain, greater the speed of rotation of the wheel will be. The number of gears on a bicycle is given by the number of sprockets on the cassette multiplied by the number of chainrings.Generally a cassette is made up of 5 to 12 speeds.

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  • Bicycle tire pressure

    Why the pressure of a bike tire is so important?

    Tire pressure influences the grip and braking of your bike, as well as comfort of the cyclist. The pressure value therefore has an impact on your safety, your performance and the pleasure you will have in using your bicycle.

    The smaller is the width of a bike tire, the greater its pressure value in order to avoid impacts on the rim and punctures without pinching (air chamber which is positioned between the tire and the rim, for example the pressure value for a road bike will be generally between 6 and 8 bars, while the pressure value for a MTB tire will be from 2 to 3.5 bars.

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  • Correspondence table bike tire size

    Correspondence table between bike tire size and rim width:

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  • Bike gear ratio calculation and gear ratio chart

    Bike gear ratio calculation method

    The bike gear ratio is the number of the bike chainring teeth number divided by the sprocket teeth number for one turn of crank that will generate a distance.

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  • UCI world championship 2020

    UCI road cycling world championships 2020

    The UCI road world championships have taken place from 24 to 27 september 2020 in Imola from Italy. The MTB UCI world championnships were organized at Leogang in Austria from 5 to 11 october 2020.

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  • Cycle 2 work

    Following the covid 19 pandemic, the governments of European countries have implemented aid to encourage their populations to use the bicycle for their trips. This ecological and economical means also makes it possible to maintain social distancing.

    Hope that these devices motivate all users in the long term to use their bikes regularly as a means of transport and leisure.

    In the United Kingdom, the process is called cycle to work, by a tax break, it allows you to buy a bike and its accessories at the best price.

    The aim is to encourage employees to cycle to work. The bikes offered are therefore essentially city bikes but you can also choose a road bike, a mountain bike, an electric bike or a fixie.

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  • The Mavic wheel ranges, for which use ?

    Which Mavic wheels to choose ?

    Mavic is the specialist in high-end bicycle wheels. Mavic started out as a designer and manufacturer of rims and wheel components, today complete wheel sets are offered.

    It was in the mid-90s that Mavic began to define the wheels of a bicycle as a global system that could modify its behavior and its performance.

    This article lists the Mavic wheel ranges from their launch until today.

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  • Replacing bike disc brake pads
  • Shimano groupset ranges

    Shimano is a Japanese manufacturer known worldwide for its ranges of drivetrains for bicycles intended for occasional use up to competition practice.

    Each range of groupset designed by Shimano corresponds to a use and a level of practice. In this article, we will present to you the characteristics of the drivetrain ranges designed and developed by Shimano currently available as well as those whose production has ceased.

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