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List of products by brand Sturmey Archer

Sturmey Archer specializes in the design and manufacture of high-end hubs for urban bikes, fixie bike and single speed.

Sturmey Archer is an English brand created in 1902 in Nottingham, it is specialized in the production of hubs for bikes equipped with brakes or a gear change system. The integrated gear change assembly in the hub offered by Sturmey Archer consists of one or more epicyclic gears fitted with three planetary gear each. This type of transmission provides 3 or more speeds without deraileur, with only a sprocket, a chainring and a bike chain.

Historic of Sturmey Archer:

The first patents for a hub with integrated gears were filed in 1901, then the mass production of a hub with two integrated gears began in 1902 by Sturmey Archer.

In 1905, the Type X was designed and manufactured, it is a three-speed version which allows the power to be varied from -23.8% / direct / +31.25%. Type C is a hub with a coaster brake.

In 1907, the model V is proposed, it is an improved version of the type X with three speeds. The same year type N is put on the market, it is made up of a brake.

In 1908, a speed control lever was proposed.

In 1910, a 3-speed control for the type X series was developed and industrialized.

In 1914, types A, FN (fitted with 3 planets) and three-speed FX were offered, type S was manufactured in the United States.

In 1918, type K made it possible to vary the reduction ratio from -25% / direct to 33.3%. The same year the KB type was fitted with a drum brake and three speeds.

In 1924, a patent for a 5-speed version of the integrated gear hub was filed by Henri Sturmey, it was never industrialized.

In 1932, the KS series with 3 speeds for a power variation between -10% / direct and + 12.5% ​​was available. This same year the LBF and LBR series are offered, they are front and rear hubs fitted with a drum brake.

In 1933, the KSW type was put on the market with transmission ratios allowing a variation from -14.3% / direct to 16.6%. The T / TF type with 2 speeds at -25% / direct ratio and a freewheel is industrialized, its TB / F declination is made up in addition to a 90 mm diameter drum brake.

In 1934, types KT, BFT and BRT were offered with a 110 mm diameter drum.

In 1936, the AW version with three high-ratio gears was available. Then the AR series with reduced ratio -6.76% / direct / + 7.24% is developed as well as a two-speed hub + freewheel TC series. Finally, a dynamo hub type GH12 of 2.7 watts at 12 volts is designed and industrialized.

In 1937, the AM three-speed type with median ratio was proposed for a power that could vary from -13.46% / direct / + 15.55%.

In 1938, a GH8 dynamo front hub delivering 8 volts, 1.2 watts was available. The first AF type four-speed hub ratios -25% / -10% / direct and + 9.1% is offered.

In 1939, the FM type was a four-speed hub with median ratios -33.3% / -14.3% / direct and 12.5%.

In 1945, after the end of the war, production and innovations of Sturmey Archer resumed, a dynamo hub GH6 of 6 volts is proposed, it delivers 2 watts. A 4-speed FW hub with a large ratio is available, allowing a power variation of -33.3% / -21.1% / direct / + 26.6%.

In 1946, the rear hub type AG, 3 speeds, fitted with a 6 volt dynamo was available.

In 1948, the FG type consisting of four speeds and a 6-volt generator was industrialized.

From 1951, Sturmey Archer offers a lighting system with a battery.

In 1963, the first rotary gear handle was designed and offered on the market.

In 1965, a rear hub fitted with five gears was developed, the ratio change being made by a lever fixed to the frame of the bicycle.

1976, Sturmey Archer manufactures a 3-speed hub for Suntour Maeda.

1983, type AT5, 5 speed and type AT3, 3 speed hubs are now available in aluminum

1997, the first 7-speed hub was offered with or without drum or coaster brake, types S7, AT7, S7C.

In 2004, the first 8-speed hub model was designed and industrialized,

Sturmey Archer today:

Since 2000, Sturmey Archer now belongs to the Taiwanese Sun Race group, since that date production has been moved to Taiwan.

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