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List of products by brand Clark's

Clark's or Clarks Cycle Systems is a brand specializing in bicycle brake components and systems.

Clarks Cycle Systems presentation :

Clarks Cycle Systems was established in England in 1943, its head office is located in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

This brand of bicycle components and parts specialized in the design and manufacture of bike brake pads and pads and then diversified by offering hydraulic disc brake systems, brake adapters, discs, handles. , pedals, chains, bottom brackets, bottle cages, chainrings, gears and headsets.

Clarks Cycle Systems components ranges :

Braking systems :

Hydraulic disc :

  • the M4 is a hydraulic disc brake model with 4 pistons, designed for the most demanding conditions such as downhill mountain biking and e-bike
  • the M3 consists of 2 pistons, its fluid reservoir and the pistons are of a large volume in order to generate a high braking power, this model can be used in downhill mountain biking. The reservoir is positioned in the axis of the fixing of the brake lever in order to free up the maximum space on the handlebars.
  • the M2 is a mid-range model, made up of two pistons for use in sport hiking or on an electric touring bike.
  • the clout 1 is an entry-level model intended for occasional use

Disc by mechanical control :

This type of disc brake is actuated by a cable located between the brake lever and the brake caliper. This model generates less braking force than a hydraulic disc brake system, but it weighs less.

Clarks mechanical disc brake models are CMD-22 dual piston (with two pistons), CMD-21, CMD-17 road (for road bike), CMD-17, R1 clincher CMD -15, CMD-11, the CMD-22FM dual piston flat mount, the CMD-23

Brake discs :

In one piece :

Clarks discs are made of 120 CR stainless steel, the ranges are Ultra Lite Rotor, CW Rotor, CL Rotor, CD-06, CD-08

Floating :

Clarks floating brake discs consist of two elements allowing better heat dissipation and therefore better braking quality. Models are CFR-02, CFR-03, CFR-05, CFR06, CFR-07FA, CFR-09FS, CFR-10FA, CFR-11FA, CFR-13FA

Brakes shoes :

They can be of two types: monobloc or cartridge.

For the road bike :

Compatibles with alloy rims :

Models offered by Clarks are CPS461, CPS462, CPS250, CPS240, CPS453, CPS500C, CPS472B, CPS220, CPS201, CPS459, CPS472, CPS472F, CPS500CF, CPS461-F , CPS305B, CPS471, CPS240B, CP-E-02, CP100, CP-10-DB, CP200, CP220, CP221, CP230, CP231, CP240, CP250, CP250-10-BULK, CP250-10-BULK, CP300, CP302, CP305, CP305-CARB, CP968, CP204 and CP205.

Compatible with carbon rims :


For MTB :

CP310, CPS-955-CNC, CPS310, CPS501, CPS501A, CPS501AR, CPS513, CPS958, CPS959, CPS960, CPS301

For BMX :

CP600, CP960-VCR-Z-02, CP960-VCR

Brakes pads :

Clarks Cycle Systems offers a set of brake pads compatible with the biggest brands and a large number of disc brake models, their lining is semi-metallic and they can be equipped with a heat dissipation system for better braking efficiency in all conditions.

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