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List of products by brand Selle Bassano

Selle Bassano is an Italian bikes saddles manufacturer based in Veneto, Italy.

Selle Bassano presentation :

Selle Bassano srl was created in 1985 by Osvaldo Cassani, this company specializes in the design and manufacture by hand, in Italy of saddles for city bikes, road and mountain bikes.

Selle Bassano has optimized its production site so that it is efficient and has a limited environmental impact, solar panels are used on the roof in order to reduce the consumption of electricity generated by fossil fuels.

The saddle ranges are for the most part designed for use on electric bikes, Selle Bassano is positioned as an expert for this type of bike in the saddle field.

Bassano saddles have distinguished themselves in many competitions:

Road bike :

  • In 1994 Tony Rominger for the hour record with the Mapei GB-Colnago team
  • In 1995 when Tony Rominger won the Tour of Italy
  • Pavel Tonkov of the Panaria-Vinavil-Colnago team winner of the Tour of Italy in 1996
  • In 2002, Paolo Savoldelli won the Giro d'Italia
  • In 2008, the CSF-Inox Navigare-Colnago team was equipped with Selle Bassano

Mountain bike :

  • In 2000, Miguel Martinez became world champion in the Full Dynamix Battaglin team, he was also a gold medalist at the Sydney Olympics the same year.
  • Marco Bui will also become world champion in his category in 200 in the Full Dynamix Battaglin team

Selle Bassano technologies :

3Zone comfort plus technology:

This type of saddle is divided into three zones corresponding to all types of use, for occasional riding up to sports use. Whatever the position of the cyclist on the saddle, each zone distributes the weight of the cyclist so that he enjoys the best possible comfort. The three areas are: the rear part for the ischial bones (high density), the center for the perinet (flexible area) and the saddlebone. Ranges: Volare 3ZONE ICON, SIL, Hybrid, Hybrid SIL, Volare 3ZONE Icon, GT, Leggera 3ZONE, Feel 3ZONE Comfort Plus GT, Feel 3ZONE Comfort Plus GT SIL, Terra S 3ZONE MAN, Terra S 3ZONE City, Terra Comfort 3ZONE MAN, Terra Comfort 3ZONE LADY

5Zone technology :

In this technique, the saddle is divided into five zones, each of which has a particular density in order to balance the bearing weight on the whole of the saddle and therefore to reduce the pressure on the perinet and to improve the comfort of the saddle. cyclist on an electric bicycle. The ranges equipped with this technology are: Suprema 5ZONE

Isophorm technology :

This technology incorporates a layer of gel with different density of foams depending on the points of support. These saddles are designed for use on an electric bicycle. The model incorporating this technology is: Leggera Isophorm

Prozone technology :

This model is top of the range, intended for the most demanding cyclists in terms of comfort, weight, shock absorption and aesthetics.

Modular technology :

This type of saddle is intended for use on an electric bicycle to improve pedaling comfort, weight and adaptability.

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