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The bike seat for fixie is a key part of the comfort you will have on your bike. Indeed, the fact that the transmission via the fixed gear requires the cyclist to pedal continuously to advance, slow down and brake requires a suitable type of fixie saddle.

Choosing a bike seat for fixie :

bike seat for fixie is curved on the top, narrow and short. It can be slightly raised at the rear for better support, its shell is relatively rigid to withstand a high pedaling frequency.

There is no strict rule in the choice of a saddle for a fixie, in fact each cyclist has his own ergonomics, his own points of support. On the other hand, the shape, the covering and the padding are criteria which should allow you to converge towards a solution. Indeed, the shape of a leather saddle will tend to be formed by the anatomy of the cyclist who uses it after many kilometers, on the other hand a covering in imitation or in sky will keep the same shape.

If you are using cycling shorts with a padding which will tend to absorb vibrations in this case you may want to choose a shell and a firm saddle padding.

Designers and manufacturers of fixie saddles offer many models with sometimes bright colors, coverings with different textures, or an appearance reminiscent of the oldest models. Here are the most popular brands: Extra +, Selle Italia, San Marco, Selle Monte Grappa and Brooks England which designs and manufactures leather saddles by hand with a know-how inherited from a long experience since its creation in early twentieth century.

Compatibility of a bike seat for fixie :

The attachment of a bike saddle for fixie consists of two rails that assemble in a saddle carriage on a seat post. This type of mounting is standard for road bikes, mountain bikes, Gravel bikes, urban bikes, fixie and single speed, ... The bike saddle for fixie is thus adjustable in inclination and in length with respect to the handlebars. Its assembly and adjustment are simple and require only a few minutes.

Maintenance of a bike seat for fixie :

The saddle of a fixie is subjected to many mechanical stresses, friction and heating, so that it maintains its integrity, it is recommended to clean it with soapy water without pressure.

A fixie saddle whose foam is packed in the center, or whose shell is cracked is at the end of its life, it is necessary to replace it, even if it is deformed following a fall its change is imperative because it could unbalance your points of support and therefore have a negative impact on your pelvis.

To obtain the best compromise between comfort and hold, we recommend that you position the top of your fixie saddle horizontally, parallel to the ground.

Components in addition to a bike saddle for fixie :

You will find in our shop many parts and accessories compatible with the fixie saddles that we offer such as seat posts or saddle clamps in used condition revised or new from stock, always at the best price, among more than 350 brands available in stock, for all levels of practice.