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The brakes on a BMX Race bike play a crucial role in controlling the speed and safety of the rider during the race. Here is a description of their function, their characteristics and the associated standards:

Function :

1. Speed ​​control:

Brakes allow the rider to control the speed of the bike by slowing or stopping its progress. This is especially important on fast descents or when navigating tight turns.

2. Security:

The brakes contribute to the safety of the driver by allowing him to reduce his speed when necessary, for example to avoid a collision with another rider or an obstacle on the track.

Features :

1. Brake type:

The brakes used on BMX Race bikes are typically caliper brakes (also called side-pull brakes), which work by squeezing the brake pads against the wheel rims. Some riders also prefer to use disc brakes for increased stopping power and better modulation.

2. Brake shoe material:

Brake pads are usually made of rubber or synthetic compound to provide maximum grip on the metal surfaces of the rims. Some high-end brake pads use special materials to improve durability and braking performance.

3. Cables and sheaths:

BMX Race brakes are equipped with premium quality cables and housings to ensure efficient transmission of braking force from the lever to the braking mechanism. Cables are typically made of stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance and durability.

4. Brake levers:

BMX Race brake levers are generally designed to provide comfortable grip and precise braking modulation. Some high-end models use lightweight, durable materials to reduce bike weight and improve braking performance.


1. Compatibility with rims:

BMX Race brakes are designed to be compatible with standard size bicycle rims, usually aluminum or light alloy. It is important to choose brakes that are compatible with the size and type of rim used on the bike.

2. Fixing on the frame:

BMX Race brakes are attached to the bike frame using specific brackets, which can vary depending on the model and brand of the bike. Some bikes come with built-in mounting brackets for easy brake installation.

In summary, the brakes on a BMX Race bike are essential components that provide speed control and increased safety to the rider while racing. With features such as a specific brake type, high quality materials and compatibility with industry standards, they contribute to an optimal riding experience on the BMX track.