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The BMX pedals allow the power of the rider to be transmitted to the rear wheel, but they are also a key item in the interface between the rider and the bike.

BMX pedal type choice :

The BMX pedals can be flat or clipped (automatic), their choice will depend on the practice for which the BMX is intended, indeed for the use in freestyle, race, dirt or flat, the platform or support surface is very wide like that which can be found in Enduro or Downhill mountain biking. The flat pedals used in BMX racing are often equipped with interchangeable pins to improve the grip or adhesion between the cyclist's shoe and the BMX pedal.

Competitors practicing BMX race use clipped pedals to improve power transmission upon START.

The BMX pedals are generally in machined or forged aluminum in order to withstand shocks and numerous mechanical stresses, they are fitted with a steel or titanium axle for weight gain.

The threaded interface for fixing BMX pedals to the cranks is generally 9/16 "(international standard) for recent models, but it can also be 1/2" for older models.

To maintain an optimal level of performance and constant functionality, it is necessary to regularly check the movements in the axles of each BMX pedal because too much play indicates the end of life of the bearings. Likewise, after a fall, it may be necessary to check that the axes of the pedals are not deformed or twisted because they could subsequently break and therefore dramatically impact the safety of its used.

BMX pedals brands :

The most famous brands that design and manufacture BMX pedals are Crankbrothers, Neatt, Shimano, Pride, Forward, Insight, The Shadow Conspirancy, Sinz, Wellgo, .... Some of them offer interchangeable components such as the screwed pins. Each brand has it own BMX pedals range with its own performance : ball bearings or cartridge bearings, plaform shape or material, pins shape ...

Our BMX pedals offer :

The parts and accessories that we offer come from stock clearance when they are offered in new condition, in this case they are offered at the best price, but they can also be second-hand revised, in this case here are the checkpoints that we apply to BMX pedals before they go on sale in our shop:

  • cleaning
  • visual inspection
  • verification of the movement in the axles
  • check the thread used for fixing the BMX pedal to the crank of the crank

These observations allow us to determine a score corresponding to the general condition of BMX pedals which can range from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new in their packaging).