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The chain of a fixie and the sprocket form the drivetrain between the crankset and the wheel of a fixie type bicycle. 

The fixed sprocket is integral with the hub of the wheel. With this type of assembly also used on track, the cyclist propels himself by pressing the pedals and brakes by holding the pedal.

How to choose a fixie chain and a sprocket ?

The width of the fixie chain must correspond to that of the chainring and the fixed sprocket on which it will be assembled. In addition, its length must allow direct mounting from the chainring to the pinion without chain tensioner. To match the style of the fixie, the chain can be colored. There are two types of fixing a fixie chain: the quick coupler which allows assembly without tools and assembly using a chain tool which consists of pushing a rivet from one of the links of the chain in order to open it.

The fixie sprocket assembly can be screwed or held by lugs on the wheel hub. In the case of a screwed assembly, it is necessary to check the compatibility of the thread of the fixed gear and the thread of the hub, a lock nut must be used so that the fixed gear cannot come loose from the hub. The number of teeth of the fixie sprocket must be chosen in order to obtain the desired gear, see our article "table and calculation of a gear or bicycle development". The fixie sprocket can be anodized aluminum or treated steel.

Maintenance of a fixie chain and a sprocket :

The elements of the fixie drivetrain: the chain, the fixie sprocket and the chainring are subjected to many stresses due to the environment such as the effort provided by the cyclist, water, sand or mud. These stresses tend to reduce the life of the chain and the fixie sprocket if they are not properly maintained. We recommend that you regularly degrease the chain, the fixie pinion and the chainring, then apply a special bicycle lubricant to these elements. Lubricants specific to the transmission of a bicycle do not retain impurities because, unlike conventional oil or grease, pollutants do not remain stuck on the chain.

What are the brands of fixie chain and sprocket ?

The brands specializing in the design and manufacture of fixie chains and sprockets are Extra +, Soma, Sturmey Archer, YBN, KMC, ... they offer many configurations and colors.

Check points for a used fixie chain and sprocket:

All parts, accessories and components offered in used condition in our store are cleaned and rigorously inspected. Here are the control criteria that we apply to validate the compliance with our requirements of a chain and a fixie sprocket:

  • visual inspection of sprocket teeth and chain links
  • check the thread of the fixie sprocket
  • checking and measuring the length of the chain

These observations allow us to determine the state of wear of the chain and the fixie pinion which will be noted from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new with packaging).

Parts in addition to a sprocket and a fixie chain :

We offer many parts and components to improve or customize your fixie: cranksets, chainrings, pedals, handlebars, stems, saddles, wheels among more than 350 brands available in stock. New parts and accessories come from stock clearance, offered at the best price !