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It transmits power and velocity from the cyclist to the rear wheel .


road bike crankset consists of chainrings, cranks, a bottom bracket and an axle.

There are models double chainrings, compact (fixing diameter reduced to 110 mm) or triple chainrings (this type is no longer industrialized).

How to choose a road bike crankset?

Here are the criterias for choosing a crankset:

  • length of the cranks from the axis of the crankset to the axis of the pedal: 165 mm, 170 mm, 172.5 mm or 175 mm
  • type of bottom bracket: square axle, octalink, hollowtech (axle diameter 24mm), BB365 or BB30
  • the length of the axle
  • the width of the frame box for bottom bracket on which it will be assembled
  • number of chainrings
  • assembly of the chainrings (compact or standard)
  • thread type for pedals assembly (french 14 x 1.25 mm or international 9/16 ″ x 20 threads per inch)
  • the material of the cranks: aluminum or carbon
  • the weight

Maintenance and replacement:

road bike crankset is one of the components that undergoes the most mechanical stresses, in fact it is subjected to the force and the weight of the cyclist and the bearings of the bottom bracket must be waterproof.

Due to the high stresses, it is needed to inspect it regularly in order to check if there is no movements in the axle. If the cranks are made of carbon, they must not have cracks, the inserts glued to the carbon did not come off. The tightening torque of all the screwed items constituting it must be checked. It is also advised to check the presence of grease on the chainrings in contact with the chain, in the threads of the pedal attachments, between the axle and the bottom bracket and between the bottom bracket and the axle.

The appearance of squeaks at the level of the bottom bracket axle can indicate a lack of grease between the screwed items.

road bike crankset is made up of items which are liable to deteriorate over time but which can be replaced, such as the chainrings and the bottom bracket housing containing the bearings which can take up movements or seize up.

A crank that loosens or cracked must be replaced as it can affect badly your safety.

Some models of road bike crankset may require specific tools for their assembly or disassembly such as a crank extractor or a key for removing the bottom bracket.

We recommend that you apply strong thread lock to all of the screws that make up your road bike crankset to prevent them from being unscrewed during use.

Our offer:

We offer a large number of components in addition to a bike crankset and its bottom bracket, such as chainrings, chains, pedals and derailleurs coming from all brands Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram ... and all ranges Shimano Dura ace drivetrain , record, Chorus, Ultegra, 600, 105, Athena, Xenon, Tiagra, Sora, ...