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A road bike chainring is fixed a crankset, it transmits the power of the cyclist when he push on the pedal towards the chain.

The road bike chainring is an essential item in the bicycle drivetrain, depending on the number of teeth it determines gear or development. The larger its diameter and therefore the number of teeth, the greater the torque transmitted to the rear wheel.

How to choose a road bike chainring?

The choice of a road bike chainring is determined by:

  • the number of gears driven by the rear derailleur,
  • the number of teeth on the chainring,
  • the diameter formed by all of its fixing points, its shape (round or oval) on the crank of the crankset,
  • the brand and model of the bicycle drivetrain.
  • the position of the chainring on the road bike crankset: interior, intermediate or exterior


The diameter of all the fasteners for a double chainring can be 110 mm for a compact model, 130 mm according to the Shimano standard, 135 mm for current Campagnolo standard or 144 mm for the old Campagnolo standard.

The width of the chainring and the shape of the teeth are designed for the actuation of a certain number of gears, in fact a chainring provided for 7 gears will not work correctly with a 10-speed bicycle drivetrain.

Maintenance and replacement:

A road bike chainring does not require any particular maintenance, however it must be regularly cleaned and degreased in order to remove residues of dried grease and pollutants such as dust or mud.

Since a chainring and a chain are mechanical elements which tend to wear out when in contact, it is necessary to apply to the chain a specific lubricant for the transmission of a bicycle which will not have not tend to conserve pollutants.

Its state of wear can be estimated from the shape of the teeth in contact with the chain. Indeed, dull or slightly pointed teeth are the signs of pronounced wear. Jumping or breaking a chain is also an indicator of pronounced wear on the chainring.

Our offer:

More than 350 brands are available in our shop: Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram, Rotor, Specialites TA, Stronglight, ... and the majority of models such as Dura ace, Record, Chorus, Ultegra, Athena, 105, Veloce, Tiagra, Sora, ... in a revised second hand condition or new cleared at the best price.

We address all levels of users, from occasional cyclists to competitors.

We offer a large number of complementary components to road bike chainrings such as chains, derailleurs, cranks, cranksets, pedals and cassettes.