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Precise gear controls for smooth journeys - discover our selection

Shifters for a bicycle are essential components that allow the rider to change gear ratios to accommodate different terrain, wind conditions, or cadence preferences. Here is a description of their function and characteristics:

1. Main function:

Shifters allow the rider to change gears by moving the chain between different cogs on the rear cassette (at the back of the bike) and/or between the chainrings of the crankset (at the front of the bike). This allows you to modify the effort required to pedal depending on the terrain and conditions.

2. Types of gear controls:

a. Derailleur controls:

Derailleur shifters are most common on road and mountain bikes. They consist of levers located on the handlebars or brake covers, allowing the cyclist to change gears by moving the front and rear derailleurs.

b. Integrated gear hub controls:

Some bicycles, especially urban bikes and city bikes, may be equipped with hubs with integrated gears. Shift controls for these bikes can be twist grips, levers, or buttons on the handlebars.

c. Compatibility:

It is important that the gear controls are compatible with the type of derailleurs and drivetrain present on the bike. For example, Shimano shifters are generally not compatible with SRAM derailleurs and vice versa.

d. Number of speeds :

The shifters are designed to match the number of gears on the rear cassette and/or chainrings. For example, a shifter for an 11-speed system must be compatible with an 11-cog cassette in the rear.

e. Ergonomics:

The gear controls are designed to be ergonomic and easy to use while riding. They must be positioned so that the cyclist can reach them easily without having to change riding position.

f. Precision and fluidity:

Good shifters provide precise and smooth shifting action, allowing for quick and smooth transitions between gears.

In summary, bicycle shifters play a crucial role in managing gear changes. They should be compatible with the bike's drivetrain type, provide comfortable ergonomics and precise shifting action for an optimal cycling experience.