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Cargo bike pedals are specially designed to meet the needs of riders who use cargo bikes, designed to carry large loads or passengers. Here are their main characteristics and standards:

1. Robustness:

Cargo bike pedals are typically designed to be sturdier than standard pedals, to handle the added weight and stress of carrying heavy loads.

2. Large contact surface:

They often have a larger contact surface to provide better stability and comfort for cyclists, especially when carrying large loads.

3. Non-slip:

Cargo bike pedals can be equipped with nubs or non-slip surfaces to ensure optimal grip, even in wet weather or when the rider's shoes are wet.

4. Compatibility with cycling shoes:

They are generally compatible with different types of cycling shoes, including hard-soled shoes or cycling shoes specifically designed for clipless pedals.

5. Compatibility with automatic wedges:

Some models of cargo bike pedals are compatible with automatic attachment systems (pedals and cleats), providing a better connection between the rider and the bike, which can be particularly useful when carrying heavy loads.

6. Interview:

As with all bicycle pedals, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal operation, particularly with regard to lubrication of the axles and replacement of worn cleats.

In summary, cargo bike pedals are designed to provide a combination of strength, stability and comfort, to meet the specific needs of riders who use cargo bikes to carry large loads or passengers.