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A derailleur on a cargo bike essentially performs the same functions as a derailleur on a traditional bicycle, but it may be subject to specific requirements due to the added load and different riding conditions. Here is a description of the function, features and standards of cargo bike derailleurs:

Function :

The derailleur on a cargo bike is an essential component of the drivetrain that allows shifting from one cog to the next on the cassette or fixed gear at the rear of the bike. Its main function is to allow the cyclist to change gears to adapt the effort and speed to the riding conditions.

Features :

1. Robustness:

Cargo bike derailleurs are typically designed to be more sturdy and durable than those on traditional bicycles, as they must handle heavier loads and potentially harsher riding conditions.

2. Load capacity:

Some cargo bike derailleurs are designed with increased load capacity to be able to handle heavier loads without compromising shifting performance.

3. Transmission Compatibility:

Cargo bike derailleurs must be compatible with the bike's specific drivetrain, including number of gears, cog size, and cassette or fixed gear design.

4. Protection from the elements:

Since cargo bikes can be used in a variety of weather conditions, derailleurs can have additional protection features against water, dirt and debris to ensure reliable operation in all situations.

5. Compatibility with accessories:

Some cargo bike derailleurs are designed to be compatible with specific accessories such as chain guards or mudguards, which are common on cargo bikes to protect components and passengers from dirt and splashes.


Cargo bike derailleurs are generally compatible with the same standards as traditional derailleurs, particularly with regard to the type of mounting (direct mount, standard mounting), the number of gears, maximum travel and load capacity.

In summary, cargo bike derailleurs are designed to provide reliable, long-lasting performance under varying loading and riding conditions. They must be sturdy, capable of supporting additional loads and compatible with the bike's specific drivetrain.