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The term "BMX freestyle vert" can refer to the practice of BMX freestyle on skateboard or BMX ramps, often associated with disciplines such as vert ramp or vert ramp. For competitions or vert freestyle sessions, riders typically use BMX bikes that are specifically designed to withstand the stress and high impacts as they go up and down vertical ramps.

The chain in this context plays a crucial role in transmitting the rider's pedaling power to the wheels of the bicycle, while being able to withstand the shocks and stresses associated with tricks and jumps performed on vertical ramps. Here are its main characteristics:

1. High durability:

The chain of a vert freestyle BMX must be extremely robust to withstand repeated impacts against vertical ramps. It is generally made from high quality materials, often reinforced with special treatments to increase its wear resistance and durability.

2. Resistance to stretching and twisting:

Tricks and jumps performed on vertical ramps generate significant forces on the chain. Therefore, a BMX freestyle vert chain is designed to be resistant to stretching and twisting to maintain efficient transmission of the rider's pedaling power.

3. Compatibility:

The chain must be compatible with the BMX transmission system, which can vary depending on the type of crankset and the number of speeds. It is important to choose a chain adapted to the specific configuration of the BMX to ensure optimal operation.

4. Regular maintenance:

As with any bicycle chain, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure proper operation and extend the life of the chain. This includes cleaning, lubrication and periodic replacement when necessary.

In summary, the chain of a green freestyle BMX must be durable, resistant and compatible with the BMX transmission system to withstand the extreme stresses encountered when practicing freestyle on vertical ramps.