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Function :

The function of the crankset on a freestyle BMX is to convert the rotational movement of the pedals into the rotational movement of the rear wheel. It allows the rider to accelerate, maintain speed and execute tricks and jumps with precision.

Features :

1. Material:

Freestyle BMX cranksets are usually made from chromoly steel or aluminum. These materials provide a good balance between lightness and durability, which is essential to resist the shocks and impacts common during tricks and landings.

2. Type of cranks:

BMX freestyle cranksets can be equipped with three-piece or two-piece cranks. Three-piece cranks are generally sturdier and offer better impact resistance, while two-piece cranks can be lighter and more economical.

3. Length of cranks:

Crank lengths may vary depending on rider preference. Shorter cranks provide better responsiveness and freedom of movement during tricks, while longer cranks provide better leverage and increased pedaling power.

4. Bottom Bracket Compatibility:

It is important to choose a crankset that is compatible with the bottom bracket of the BMX frame. Cranksets are available in different axle diameters to fit different bottom bracket types.


1. Axle diameter:

Freestyle BMX cranksets are typically available with 19mm (0.75 inch) or 22mm (0.86 inch) diameter axles. It is essential to choose a crankset with the correct axle diameter to ensure correct fitment to the bottom bracket.

2. Pedal Compatibility:

Freestyle BMX cranksets are generally compatible with a variety of standard BMX pedals. They have standard threads to allow the mounting of different pedals.

In summary, a freestyle BMX crankset is designed to provide a combination of lightness, durability and performance when performing tricks and jumps. With features such as material, crank type and bottom bracket compatibility, it contributes to an optimal riding experience for freestyle riders.