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The handlebars of an electric city bike are an essential component that allows the rider to steer and control the bike, while providing an attachment point for various accessories and electrical controls. Here is a description of its function and characteristics:

1. Function:

- The handlebars of an electric city bike fulfill several essential functions:

Direction of the bike:

The handlebar allows the rider to steer the bike by turning the handlebars in the desired direction, which is crucial for maneuverability and riding safety.

Order control:

The handlebar serves as a support for electric controls, such as the pedal assist controller, control display, lights and bells, providing easy and convenient access to these features while riding.

Ergonomics and comfort:

The handlebars are designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic riding position, reducing rider fatigue and promoting a natural posture while riding.

2. Features:

Shape and design:

Electric city bike handlebars can vary in shape and design to meet rider preferences and specific urban riding requirements. Common shapes include flat handlebars, city handlebars, raised handlebars, butterfly handlebars, etc.

Width and height :

The width and height of the handlebars may also vary depending on the bike model and rider preferences. Wider handlebars generally provide better stability and control, while narrower handlebars may be preferred for better aerodynamics.

Construction materials :

Electric city bike handlebars are typically made from lightweight, sturdy materials such as aluminum or steel, providing both durability and reducing the weight of the bike.

Accessibility to orders:

The handlebars are equipped with support for electric controls, such as brake levers, pedal assist control buttons, control screen, etc., ensuring easy and convenient accessibility while riding.

Setting options:

Some electric city bike handlebars offer adjustment options to adjust the position and inclination of the handlebars, allowing the rider to customize their riding position for optimal comfort.

Compatibility with accessories:

The handlebars can be equipped with various practical accessories such as ergonomic handles, mirrors, racks for panniers or baskets, phone holders, etc., to meet the specific needs of the cyclist for urban transport.

In summary, the handlebars of an electric city bike are an essential component that allows the rider to steer and control the bike, while providing support for the electric controls and accessories. Its main features include shape, width, height, construction materials, accessibility to controls, adjustment options and compatibility with accessories.