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The crankset of an electric city bike plays a crucial role in transmitting power from the rider to the electric motor, as well as transmitting that power to the bike's wheels. Here is a presentation of its function and characteristics:

1. Function:

- The crankset is the part of the bike where the cranks and pedals are attached. It allows the rider to transfer the power of their pedaling motion to the wheels of the bicycle, thereby propelling the bicycle forward.
- In an electric city bike, the crankset is generally associated with an electric motor integrated into the rear wheel hub or the crankset itself. This electric motor provides pedaling assistance, increasing the power delivered by the rider and making it easier to climb hills or travel longer distances with less effort.

2. Features:

- Integrated electric motor :

In many electric city bikes, the electric motor is integrated either into the rear wheel hub or into the crankset itself. When integrated into the crankset, the motor is often called a "pedal motor" or "mid motor."

- Torque and speed sensors :

The cranksets of electric city bikes are generally equipped with torque and speed sensors that measure the force exerted by the cyclist on the pedals and the rotational speed of the pedals. These sensors allow the electric motor to provide assistance proportional to the cyclist's effort and the speed at which they pedal.

- Integrated battery :

Some electric city bikes integrate the battery into the crankset or downtube of the frame for better balance and a cleaner aesthetic. This also helps protect the battery from bad weather and shock.

- Transmission :

Electric city bike cranksets can be paired with different types of drivetrains, ranging from single speed drivetrains to multi-speed drivetrains. Some high-end e-bikes may also be equipped with electronic transmissions, providing precise and smooth gear changes.

- Robustness and durability :

The cranksets of electric city bikes must be designed to support additional loads and stresses due to the presence of the electric motor. They are therefore generally made from sturdy materials such as aluminum or steel.

In summary, the crankset of an electric city bike is an essential component which integrates the electric motor and allows the cyclist's power to be transmitted to the wheels of the bicycle, while providing pedaling assistance thanks to measurement sensors. Its main features include the integration of the electric motor, measurement sensors, integrated battery, transmission and robustness to withstand the additional stresses of electric bikes.