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Track bike saddles are essential elements to ensure the cyclist's comfort and optimize their performance on the track. Here is a description of their function, their characteristics, the standards and the different types of saddles for track bikes:

Function :

1. Support:

The saddles provide comfortable support for the rider during long pedaling sessions on the trail.

2. Stability:

They provide a stable surface for the cyclist to sit safely while pedaling, even at high speeds or during sudden movements.

3. Pressure reduction:

Quality saddles are designed to reduce pressure on sensitive areas of the body, such as the perineum, to prevent discomfort and pain while cycling.

Features :

1. Shape:

Track bike saddles typically have a contoured, elongated shape to allow the rider to move freely while pedaling and maintain an aerodynamic position.

2. Padding:

They can be padded to provide greater comfort, but some riders prefer firmer saddles for better control and power transmission.

3. Coating:

Saddles can be covered in different materials, such as leather, vinyl or nylon, providing a combination of durability, water resistance and comfort.


1. Rails:

Track bike saddles are attached to the bike using rails located under the saddle. Rails can be made of steel, titanium or carbon, offering different combinations of weight, strength and flexibility.

2. Compatibility:

Track bike saddles are generally compatible with standard seat posts, but it is important to check compatibility with the seat post diameter and mounting system.

Different types of saddles for track bikes:

1. Minimalist stools:

These saddles have a slim profile and minimal padding to reduce weight and maximize aerodynamics. They are suitable for cyclists looking for an aggressive riding position and maximum efficiency.

2. Padded saddles:

These saddles offer extra padding for added comfort, making them ideal for riders completing long training sessions or competing on the track.

3. Anatomical stools:

These saddles are designed with a special cutout or shape to reduce pressure on sensitive parts of the body, providing extra comfort and better blood circulation while cycling.

In summary, track bike saddles play a crucial role in the rider's comfort and performance on the track. With specific features such as shape, padding and covering, as well as manufacturing standards, they contribute significantly to the pleasure and efficiency of cycling on the track.