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The handlebars of a vintage racing bike are a key component that influences the rider's riding position, control and comfort. Here are the main features and function of a vintage racing bike handlebar:

1. Characteristic shape:

Vintage racing bikes are often equipped with a characteristic drop-bar type handlebar, recognizable by its downwardly curved ends. This shape offers different grip positions for the cyclist, promoting an aerodynamic ride.

2. Material:

Vintage racing bike handlebars were typically made from steel or aluminum. Steel offers some flexibility, while aluminum is lighter.

3. Handlebar width:

Handlebar width can vary, and vintage racing bikes often have narrower handlebars compared to modern models. This can promote a more aerodynamic position, but the choice of width also depends on rider preference.

4. Drop shape:

Vintage racing bike handlebars can have different types of drops (downward bends), ranging from deep drops to shallow drops. The choice depends on the rider's preference for comfort and riding style.

5. Hanger diameter:

The diameter of the handlebar, where the brake levers and grips attach, may vary. Some vintage models use a thinner diameter, which may influence the choice of components.

6. Position of the brake levers:

The brake levers are mounted on the handlebars to provide easy and comfortable access to the rider. On vintage racing bikes, levers are often mounted on the top of the drop.

7. Canvas or leather handlebar tape:

Handlebar tape is used to wrap the handlebar, providing a comfortable grip. Vintage racing bike handlebars can be wrapped with canvas or leather ribbons, adding to the bike's classic aesthetic.

8. Hand position options:

The different positions on a vintage racing bike handlebar allow the rider to change the position of their hands during a ride, providing some relief and a variety of aerodynamic positions.

In summary, the handlebars of a vintage racing bike are designed to provide the rider with a variety of riding positions, optimal aerodynamics and precise control, while adding to the overall aesthetic of the bike.