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It provides a convenient and efficient method for removing and installing wheels without requiring additional tools.

The function of an MTB wheel quick release can be summarized as follows:

Wheel Attachment :

The quick release mechanism allows for the secure attachment of the wheel to the bicycle frame. It consists of a skewer, which is a long threaded rod with a lever on one end and a nut on the other. The skewer passes through the wheel hub and is tightened to secure the wheel in place.

Tool-Free Operation :

The primary advantage of a quick release system is its tool-free operation. By flipping the lever, the user can easily and quickly loosen or tighten the skewer, allowing for swift wheel removal or installation. This is particularly useful during trailside repairs or when transporting the bike.

Convenience and Portability :

The quick release mechanism enhances the convenience and portability of the MTB. Riders can quickly remove the wheels for transportation or storage purposes, such as fitting the bike into a car trunk or transporting it in a bike bag. It also facilitates easy and quick wheel changes during races or trailside repairs.

Adjustability :

The quick release allows for fine adjustments to the wheel's position within the frame dropouts. By loosening the skewer, the rider can align the wheel more precisely, ensuring proper alignment of the brakes and minimizing any wheel rub against the frame or brake pads.

It's important to note that while quick releases are widely used on MTB wheels, they have been gradually replaced by thru-axle systems in many modern mountain bikes, particularly in higher-end models. Thru-axles offer increased stiffness and improved wheel security, making them better suited for demanding riding conditions like aggressive trail riding or downhill racing.