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  • Bottom bracket Shimano SM-BBR60 ultegra 105 36 x 24
    Bottom bracket Shimano SM-BBR60 ultegra 105
    • €20.29
    • €28.99
  • Bottom bracket VP-BC73 square BSA
    Bottom bracket VP-BC73 square 107 mm BSA
    • €7.50
  • Bottom bracket Stronglight JP400 110.5 68 square
    Bottom bracket Stronglight JP400 110.5 68 square
    • €18.99
  • Bottom bracket Tange square 107 mm
    Bottom bracket Tange square 107 mm
    • €19.49
    • €29.99

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The bottom bracket is a crucial component of a road bike's drivetrain system. 

It is the central interface where the crankset and the bike's frame meet. The bottom bracket performs several important functions:

Bearing Support :

The bottom bracket houses the bearings that allow the crankset to rotate smoothly. These bearings support the weight and rotational forces generated by the rider's pedaling. The quality and design of the bottom bracket bearings directly impact the efficiency and durability of the drivetrain.

Power Transfer :

The bottom bracket plays a vital role in transferring power from the rider's pedaling to the drivetrain. As the rider applies force to the pedals, the rotational motion is transmitted through the bottom bracket to the chainrings and ultimately propels the bike forward. A well-designed and properly maintained bottom bracket minimizes energy loss and maximizes power transfer efficiency.

Crankset Attachment :

The bottom bracket provides the interface for attaching the crankset to the bike's frame. The crank arms, which connect the pedals to the chainrings, are securely attached to the bottom bracket spindle. Different types of bottom brackets, such as threaded, press-fit, or BB30 systems, have varying attachment mechanisms. The bottom bracket ensures a stable and rigid connection between the crankset and the frame, allowing for efficient power transmission and preventing play or wobbling.

Sealing and Protection :

The bottom bracket is responsible for protecting the bearings and the internal components from external contaminants like dirt, water, and debris. Many bottom brackets feature sealed or cartridge bearings and have protective seals or covers to prevent moisture and dirt ingress. This helps to prolong the life of the bottom bracket and maintain smooth rotation.

Proper maintenance of the bottom bracket is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of the bearings and seals are necessary to prevent wear, minimize friction, and ensure a smooth pedaling experience. If the bottom bracket becomes excessively worn or damaged, it may need to be replaced to maintain the bike's functionality and ride quality.