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derailleur hanger is a component screwed onto carbon or aluminum road bike frame that is used as a "fuse" in the event of a bike drivetrain failure. Indeed, the chain can get stuck in the derailleur or in a roller causing the tearing of the derailleur hanger and limit damage to parts of the drivetrain, without damaging the frame of the road bike.

Derailleur hanger choice :

The shape and dimensions of a derailleur hanger are specific to the brand and model of the road bike frame to which it is attached, however its internal thread for screwing in the derailleur is standard.

However, some bicycle manufacturers such as Giant or Btwin use derailleur hanger models which may be common for certain models of bicycles.

Our derailleur hangers offer :

We offer a large number of models and brands of derailleur hangers in new condition coming from clearances offered at the best price or second hand checked.

Here are the control criteria that we apply before they are put on sale :

  • cleaning
  • visual inspection
  • check that the derailleur hanger has not suffered any deformation
  • thread check

These observations allow us to establish a score corresponding to the general condition of the part on a scale from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new in its packaging).