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Technology of a road bike fork:

The fork of a road bike can be straight or curved for more comfort. The most recent models are made of carbon for a gain in weight and rigidity, the older versions are in aluminum or steel. It is fixed to the frame of the road bike by means of a headset which ensures its rotation in the tube of the frame. The stem is fixed either in the tube of the fork of the road bike (plunger system) or it is tightened on its tube (headset mounting).

The biggest brands of road bike fork are Look, Time, Dedacciai, Columbus, ...

Compatibility of this road bike fork:

Choosing a fork to be assembled on a road bike requires to identify the following criterias:

  • the diameter of the front wheel
  • the braking system: disc or brake pads on rim
  • the diameter of the fork tube: conical or straight
  • the type of stem assembly: plunger or headset
  • the shape: straight or curved
  • the weight

For high-end road bike models, the fork is generally paired with the frame, in fact, the geometry, the colors and the shape correspond to a frame model. The use of a fork not designed by the brand and for the frame model can modify the hunting angle and therefore the behavior of your road bike.

Since the geometry of a road bike is very close to that of a fixie, it is possible to use a fork designed for a road bike on a fixie.

Assembly of this road bike fork:

The assembly of a road bike fork does not require any specific tools except if the headset is screwed onto the pivot (plunger system), in this case flat keys or specially designed for the brand and model headset may be required.

Maintenance of this road bike fork:

The cleaning of a road bike fork is done with soapy water without pressure in order to remove dirt and dust residues. A polish can be used to improve its shine.

The road bike fork is subject to many mechanical stresses, it is a safety-related item that should be inspected regularly to detect any traces of bumps or cracks that would require its replacement.

In the event of a fall, it is necessary to remove the fork from your road bike in order to check its integrity, because visually it can be in a good condition and without any visible defects, but its pivot can be cracked on the tube. inside the head tube or at the level of the fixing interface with the stem.

Components with this road bike fork :

We offer many parts and accessories that can be assembled on a road bike fork such as brakes, wheels, headset and stem in used condition revised or new cleared at the best price among more than 350 brands available in stock.

Whatever your level of use you will probably find the model corresponding to your need in our e-shop.

Check points of a used road bike fork :

The equipment, parts and accessories in used condition presented in our shop are cleaned and checked for your safety, here is the list of verified criteria:

  • visual inspection, for carbon models special attention is paid to identifying any cracks or impacts
  • assembly of a wheel in order to check that the fork of the road bike is not deformed
  • measurement of the length and diameter of the tube
  • inspection of the brake mounting points and the wheel mounting brackets

Based on these observations, we estimate the overall condition of the road bike fork with a rating of 0 (poor condition for spare parts) to 10 (new in its packaging).