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Function :

1. Braking:

Bicycle brakes are designed to slow or stop the rotation of wheels by rubbing against the surface of rims, discs or hubs.

2. Speed ​​control:

They provide the rider with precise speed control by allowing the bike to be slowed or stopped when necessary.

3. Security:

Brakes are essential in keeping the rider safe, allowing them to stop safely in different riding conditions.

4. Adaptability:

Brakes are available in different types and models suitable for different types of bikes and cycling disciplines.

Features :

1. Brake type:

There are several types of bicycle brakes, including rim brakes, mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes, drum brakes, etc.

2. Braking mechanism:

Rim brakes use pads that rub against the surface of the rim to slow the bike, while disc brakes use pads that rub against a disc attached to the wheel hub.

3. Braking performance:

Brakes vary in stopping power, adaptability (the ability to dose braking force), and heat resistance (for hydraulic disc brakes).

4. Maintenance:

Some brakes require regular maintenance, such as replacing shoes or pads, bleeding hydraulic brakes, etc.

5. Compatibility:

It is important to choose brakes that are compatible with the frame and components of the bike, as well as the type of braking surface (aluminum or carbon rims, steel or composite discs, etc.).

Popular brands:

1. Shimano:

Shimano offers a wide range of bicycle brakes, from rim brakes to high-end hydraulic disc brakes, renowned for their reliability and performance.


SRAM makes innovative, lightweight and powerful brakes, with options for different bike types and cycling disciplines.

3. Magura:

Magura specializes in hydraulic brakes, providing exceptional braking performance and precise modulation.

4. TRP:

TRP offers a range of quality bicycle brakes, with options for rim brakes, mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic brakes, to suit various needs and budgets.


Hope manufactures rugged, highly customizable hydraulic disc brakes that are popular among mountain and road bike riders.