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Shimano 105 SLR BR-1050 rear brake caliper zoom_in
  • Shimano 105 SLR BR-1050 rear brake caliper
  • Shimano 105 SLR BR-1050 rear brake caliper used

Shimano 105 SLR BR-1050 rear brake caliper

  • 105 SLR
  • 1 Item
  • Used

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Shimano 105 SLR BR-1050 rear brake for road bike

  • threaded rod length 12 mm,

  • nut length 12.5 mm

  • brake pads for carbon rim (15% of wear)

  • used in a good condition, marking "shimano 105" partially erased


Shimano 105 Brake: The Power of Control

Brakes are one of the most crucial elements on a bicycle, and choosing the right braking system can have a significant impact on the safety, performance and enjoyment of your cycling experience. Among the many brands of brakes available, Shimano 105 stands out as one of the most reliable and high-performance choices for cyclists. In this article, we will explore Shimano 105 brakes in detail, their features, benefits, and their importance to cycling enthusiasts.

The Fame of Shimano 105

Shimano is a renowned Japanese brand in the cycling world, known for its quality, innovation and long history of manufacturing high-performance bicycle components. The Shimano 105 series, part of the road component range, occupies a central place in Shimano's offering. It is loved by cyclists around the world for its reliability, durability and high-level performance.

The Shimano 105 series is often considered to offer excellent value for money, making it a popular choice for both amateurs and competitive racers. The Shimano 105 brakes are a perfect example of Shimano's commitment to excellence and innovation in the cycling industry.

The Importance of the Braking System

Brakes are a critical component for rider safety and performance. A quality braking system provides precise speed control, quick stops and easy handling in difficult situations. Here are some reasons why choosing the right braking system, like Shimano 105 brakes, is crucial:

1. Security:

Reliable brakes allow the rider to stop safely, preventing accidents.

2. Control:

Quality brakes provide precise speed control, which is essential for negotiating turns and descents with confidence.

3. Performance:

Effective brakes improve the rider's overall performance by allowing them to maintain an appropriate speed in different situations.

4. Longevity:

Quality brakes, like Shimano 105 brakes, are built to last, reducing long-term maintenance costs.

5. Comfort:

Well-tuned and responsive brakes provide increased comfort by eliminating excessive braking stress.

Features of Shimano 105 Brakes

Shimano 105 brakes are renowned for their high-quality features that set them apart in the market. Here are some of the key features of these brakes:

1. Robust construction:

Shimano 105 brakes are made from high quality materials, making them durable and resistant to wear.

2. Direct Mount Braking Technology:

Some models of Shimano 105 brakes offer direct attachment to the bicycle frame, which improves stiffness and braking responsiveness.

3. Dual-Pivot System:

Shimano 105 brakes are equipped with a double pivot system, which provides high stopping power and precise control.

4. Easy Adjustment:

Shimano 105 brakes are designed for easy adjustment, allowing riders to quickly adjust brake tension and centering.

5. Light Weight:

The lightweight design of Shimano 105 brakes helps reduce the overall weight of the bike, improving performance.

6. Compatibility:

Shimano 105 brakes are compatible with a variety of road bike types, making them suitable for many bike models and styles.

The Benefits of Shimano 105 Brakes

Shimano 105 brakes offer a multitude of benefits to riders regardless of their skill level. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

1. Reliability:

Shimano 105 brakes are renowned for their reliability, allowing riders to rely on their braking system in all situations.

2. Braking Power:

Shimano 105 brakes provide high stopping power, enabling quick stops and precise speed control.

3. Sustainability:

Shimano 105 brakes are designed to resist wear and tear from frequent use, ensuring long life.

4. Easy Adjustment:

The brakes are easy to adjust, allowing riders to keep their braking system in perfect working order.

5. Light Weight:

The lightweight brake design helps reduce the overall weight of the bike, which is essential for performance.

6. Elegant Design:

Shimano 105 brakes feature a sleek design that enhances the bike's appearance.

How to Choose the Ideal Shimano 105 Brakes

When choosing Shimano 105 brakes for your bike, here are some factors to consider to ensure optimal fit:

1. Brake Type:

Shimano 105 brakes are available in different types, including rim brakes and disc brakes.

Choose the type that best suits your riding style.

2. Compatibility:

Make sure the Shimano 105 brakes are compatible with your bike frame.

3. Type of Road:

Consider the type of roads or terrain you plan to ride on. Shimano 105 rim brakes are more suited to paved roads, while disc brakes are ideal for all-around use, including on rough roads.

4. Budget:

Set a realistic budget based on the quality and features you are looking for in Shimano 105 brakes.

5. Opinions and Recommendations:

Consult the opinions of experienced cyclists and the recommendations of professionals to help you in your choice.


Shimano 105 brakes are a smart choice for riders looking for reliability, stopping power and durability. When you choose Shimano 105 brakes, you are investing in the safety, performance and comfort of your cycling experience. Don't underestimate the importance of these crucial components, as they are essential for precise speed control and safe stops. Get ready to ride with confidence and master every turn with the power of control offered by Shimano 105 brakes.

Data sheet
  • Condition

    6: less than 25% of wear

  • Use

    Road bike

  • Brake type

    Brake on rim


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