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  • Mavic Cross Ride rim 24 holes for tire 26 inches
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    Mavic Cross Ride rim 24 holes for tire 26 inches
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  • Mach 1 ER20 rim 26 inches
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    Mach 1 ER20 rim 26 inches
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Here is information on XC (Cross-Country) mountain bike rims:

Function :

1. Structural support:

XC mountain bike rims are essential components that form the outer edge of the wheels, providing structural support for the tire and contributing to the stiffness and durability of the wheel.

2. Tire Compatibility:

They are designed to accommodate standard width mountain bike tires, providing a balance of light weight and grip for fast riding over varied terrain.

3. Reduced weight:

XC mountain bike rims are typically designed to be lightweight, which helps reduce overall wheel weight and improves pedaling efficiency when climbing and accelerating.

4. Shock resistance:

Although lightweight, XC mountain bike rims must be sturdy enough to withstand the impacts and shocks encountered on the trails, including roots, rocks and obstacles.

5. Tubeless compatibility:

Many XC mountain bike rims are compatible with tubeless tires, providing better traction, increased puncture resistance, and the ability to ride at lower tire pressures for a more comfortable ride.

Features :

1. Material:

XC MTB rims can be made from aluminum or carbon. Aluminum rims are more common and offer a good balance between lightness, durability and cost, while carbon rims are lighter and offer better rigidity, but at a higher cost.

2. Internal and external width:

XC MTB rims typically have a narrower internal width to optimize the fitment of thinner section tires, promoting pedaling speed and efficiency on flat, rolling terrain.

3. Rim profile:

XC mountain bike rims can have a low profile to promote aerodynamics and lightness, which is ideal for flat terrain racing and steep climbs.

4. Double Wall Construction:

Most XC mountain bike rims are constructed with a double wall for better impact resistance and increased durability on technical trails.

5. Brake Compatibility:

XC mountain bike rims can be designed for disc brakes or rim brakes, depending on rider preference and compatibility with the bike frame.

Popular brands:

1. DT Swiss:

DT Swiss offers a range of aluminum and carbon XC MTB rims, offering high build quality and a variety of options for different types of terrain and riding preferences.

2. Stan's NoTubes:

Stan's NoTubes is renowned for its tubeless rims, offering advanced technology to reduce weight, improve traction and reduce the risk of punctures on XC mountain bike trails.

3. Mavic:

Mavic offers high-quality aluminum XC MTB rims, striking a balance between light weight, durability and affordability for cross-country riders.


Easton manufactures aluminum and carbon XC mountain bike rims, providing lightweight and sturdy options for demanding riders looking for top-level performance on the trail.

5. ENVE:

ENVE is renowned for its premium carbon XC MTB rims, offering exceptional lightness, optimal rigidity and impact resistance for fast and responsive riding on all types of terrain.