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The mountain bike gears shifters allow you to change from 5 to 12 speeds from the handlebar.

Our mountain bike gears shifters offer :

We offer second-hand and new cleared mountain bike gears shifters at the best price from the biggest brands like Shimano, Sram, Microshift, .... and all ranges XTR, XT, SLX, Deore, X0, X9, X7 .. ..

These speed controls can be with aluminum levers, push, pull or rotating handle (grip shift), from 5 to 12 indexed speeds.

You will also find in our shop a whole set of complementary components to MTB shifters such as cranksets, derailleurs, chains or sprocket cassettes for all cyclists whatever their level of practice.

Mountain bike gears shifters compatibility:

Some models and brands may not work with each other, for example a Sram X9 shifter designed with a 1: 1 cable pull will not be compatible with a Shimano derailleur.

For optimal transmission performance of your MTB we recommend that you use the maximum number of components from the same manufacturer and the same model. However, a Shimano deore derailleur will work perfectly with a Shimano SLX shifter.

How to choose mounain bike gears shifters ?

Here are the characteristics to identify the shifter corresponding to the transmission of your MTB:

  • identify the make and model of the MTB derailleur and shifter.
  • The ergonomics of the gear control (grip shift or levers) can guide you on the identification of the model.
  • The brand and model part number is usually written on the rear of the derailleur and on the MTB shifter.
  • the number of gears or chainrings that the MTB shifter will have to control
  • the type of mounting of the shifter on the handlebars: is it a brake lever / MTB shifter combo or is it two separate items?

Maintenance and replacement of an MTB shifter:

The environment in which a MTB is used is very restrictive for all the components that make it up, so it is necessary to clean it very regularly in order to remove dried grease, mud, dust, sand and others. pollutants that may interfere with its operation. MTB shifters can be cleaned with soapy water without pressure, greasy residue can be removed with a degreaser and use a specific bicycle lubricant.

A mountain bike lever is a sensitive component in the event of a fall, it is necessary to check its attachment and hold regularly.

In the event of a malfunction, it is unfortunately not possible to repair an MTB shifter because it consists of a bearing, spring and aluminum toothed wheel of very small size, it must be replaced by an identical or equivalent model. The manufacturers renew their transmission ranges every 2/3 years, some models such as the 8-speed for example are no longer industrialized but may still be available in our store in used condition or in new clearance.

Disassembling and then reassembling a MTB shifter is a simple operation which requires a standard tool for its removal, assembly and adjustment. In order for the expected operating level to be achieved, we recommend that you use a new cable and sheath.