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Brompton Tote bag Liberty fabric for bicycle zoom_in
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  • Brompton Tote bag Liberty fabric for bicycle
  • Brompton Tote bag Liberty for bicycle
  • Brompton Tote bag Liberty fabric Jonathan for bicycle
  • Brompton Tote bag Liberty Jonathan for bicycle
  • Brompton Tote bag Liberty fabric 9 liters for bicycle

Brompton Tote bag Liberty fabric for bicycle

  • Tote bag liberty
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Brompton Tote bag Liberty

  • dimensions: width 28 cms x height 28 cms x depth 11 cms
  • Materials: Polyester 600D
  • capacity 9 liters
  • colour Liberty fabric Jonathan
  • it is compatible with all Brompton handlebars
  • front transport block not supplied, it can be purchased separately from Brompton
  • new without packaging


    The Brompton Bag: Practical, Elegant and Functional for Your Urban Travel

    Urban travel requires a perfect combination of practicality, elegance and functionality. That's where the Brompton bag comes in. Designed specifically for urban cyclists, the Brompton bag is more than just an accessory - it's an essential travel companion. In this article, we'll dive into the details of this innovative bag, highlighting its exceptional features, its versatility and why it has become a favorite of city dwellers around the world.

    Discovering the Brompton Bag

    The Brompton bag is the result of the collaboration between Brompton Bicycle, the famous folding bike manufacturer, and a team of talented designers. The result is a bag that is both aesthetic and functional, designed to adapt perfectly to the Brompton bike, but also adaptable to other modes of urban travel, such as the metro or the bus.

    Key Features

    To understand what sets the Brompton bag apart from other options on the market, let's look at its technical characteristics:

    Foldable Design:

    One of the most striking features of the Brompton bag is its ability to fold compactly. When not in use, it folds easily so as not to bother the cyclist and take up as little space as possible.

    High Quality Materials:

    Made from premium materials, the Brompton bag is designed to withstand daily wear and weather. It is water resistant to protect your belongings in rainy weather.

    Easy Attachment System:

    The bag attaches and detaches in the blink of an eye thanks to the unique Brompton hanging system. It attaches securely to the front of the bike, providing perfect balance while traveling.

    Multiple Compartments:

    The Brompton bag has multiple compartments, including a laptop pocket, making it ideal for carrying your work or school essentials.

    Elegant Design:

    Brompton has paid special attention to design, creating a bag that combines elegance and functionality. Available in different colors and finishes, it adapts perfectly to your personal style.

    Limitless Versatility:

    One of the great strengths of the Brompton bag lies in its versatility. Although it is designed for use with a Brompton bike, it can also be worn cross-body or carried by hand, making it an ideal choice for multi-modal travel. It easily transitions from use on your bike to a work or leisure bag, giving you maximum flexibility in your daily commute.

    Additionally, the Brompton bag is perfect for traveling. Its ability to quickly fold and unfold makes it ideal for urban adventures and weekend getaways. No more worrying about carrying a bulky bag when you don't need it.

    The Advantages of the Brompton Bag

    Now let's review the concrete benefits that the Brompton bag offers to city dwellers and urban cyclists:

    1. Simplified Organization

    With its multiple compartments, the Brompton bag allows you to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible. No more searching for your keys, your phone or your wallet at the bottom of your bag.

    2. Comfort and Balance

    Attaching the bag to the front of the Brompton bike provides optimal balance during your ride, eliminating any potential imbalance. So you can enjoy a smooth and stable ride.

    3. Weather Protection

    Thanks to its water resistance, the Brompton bag protects your belongings from unexpected downpours. You can have peace of mind, even in rainy weather.

    4. Customizable Style

    The Brompton bag is available in a variety of colors and finishes to match your personal style. It is also an excellent fashion accessory.

    5. Adaptability to Travel

    Whether you are by bike, metro, bus or on foot, the Brompton bag adapts to all your modes of travel, offering exceptional versatility.


    The Brompton bag is more than just a bag - it's an essential travel companion for city dwellers and urban cyclists. Its ingenious design, unrivaled versatility and sleek aesthetic make it a compelling choice for those seeking the perfect combination of practicality and style.

    Whether you're cycling around town, taking public transportation, or walking through busy streets, the Brompton bag is here to simplify your commute and make your city life more enjoyable.

    Don't forget to check the compatibility of the Brompton bag with your bike or your preferred mode of transport before making your choice. Once you've adopted this versatile bag, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Make every trip a stylish and practical experience with the Brompton bag.

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