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Vintage bike stem ITM Big One 120 mm zoom_in
  • Vintage bike stem ITM Big One 120 mm
  • ITM Big One stem
  • ITM Big One stem 120 mm
  • ITM Big One stem 120 mm 1"
  • ITM Big One stem 120 mm 1" 25.4 mm used

Vintage bike stem ITM Big One 120 mm

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Vintage bike stem ITM Big One stem, aluminium soldered 

  • length 130 mm

  • for a fork tube diameter 1" (25,4 mm)

  • for handlebar diameter 25,4 mm

  • weight: 191 grams

  • used in a good condition


Use of this vintage bike stem:

This vintage road or racing bicycle stem, length 130 mm from the axis of the handlebar to the axis of the fork tube. It is intended to be used on a bicycle from the 90s to the beginning of the 2000s. The fixing diameter 1 inch is no longer used on recent models.


Compatibility of this vintage bike stem:

This ITM Big One vintage bike stem is designed for a smooth 1 inch (25.4 mm) diameter fork tube, a standard headset and a handlebar with a 25.4 mm fixing diameter.

Assembly of this vintage bike stem:

The assembly or the replacement of a stem on a vintage racing bicycle or a road bicycle is a simple and fast operation but which requires special attention because it is a component which impacts the safety of the cyclist.

For the assembly of this stem, a set of allen keys is necessary, it is also necessary to provide a new handlebar tape because the fixing of the stem on the handlebar does not open.

Assembly method for this vintage bike stem:

This procedure shows you the steps to follow to assemble this stem. It is then necessary to make adjustments to the handlebar and the height of the stem in relation to the headset. Several outings will be necessary in order to make adjustments so that your position on the bike corresponds to your morphology and that you have the best possible comfort and performance.

  • remove the bar tape and the handlebar plugs
  • unscrew the gear levers
  • remove the levers
  • unscrew the stem fixing
  • remove the handlebar
  • unscrew and remove the headset cover
  • unscrew the stem fixing screws on the fork tube
  • remove the stem
  • put the ITM Big One vintage bicycle stem on the fork tube
  • put the handlebar in the stem mounting
  • adjust the handlebar and torque tighten the stem fixing on the handlebar
  • screw the headset cover onto the stem by hand
  • adjust the headset
  • put the stem in the axis of the wheel
  • torque tighten the stem fixing screws on the fork tube
  • position and adjust the levers on the handlebar
  • tighten the brake levers
  • assemble a new handlebar tape with its plugs

Accessories in addition to this vintage bike stem:

We offer parts and components compatible with this vintage bicycle stem such as handlebars, headsets, stem covers and forks from more than 350 brands available in stock in checked used condition or new from stock.

This vintage bicycle stem comes from a clearance sale, it is no longer industrialized and it is offered at the best price.

Data sheet
  • Condition

    6: less than 25% of wear

  • Length

    120 mm

  • Handlebar stem interface diameter

    25,4 mm

  • Fork tube diameter



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