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Chainring 54 teeth Stronglight vintage 86 mm zoom_in
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  • Chainring 54 teeth Stronglight vintage 86 mm
  • Chainring 54 teeth Stronglight vintage 86 mm 7 speed

Chainring 54 teeth Stronglight vintage 86 mm

  • Stronglight
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Chainring 54 teeth for road bike

  • for a drivetrain with 7 gears

  • 54 teeth

  • fixtures diameter, PCD 86 mm

  • position: external

  • coulour: aluminium

  • weight 130 grams

  • new without packaging

Chainring 54 teeth for road bikes all of the fixings of which form a circle with a diameter of 86 mm. It is new without packaging


Use of this chainring 54 teeth:

This chainring is designed for a road bike it has to be assembled in the outer position on the road bike crankset.

Dimensions of this chainring 54 teeth :

This 54 teeth chainring is fitted with fasteners which together define a center distance of 86 mm.

Compatibility of this chainring 54 teeth:

Designed for a 7 speed drivetrain, this 54 tooth chainring will work perfectly with a chain, and Campagnolo, Shimano or Sram sprocket.

We recommend the use of a specific lubricant for cycling in order to limit friction and wear of this chainring when it comes into contact with the chain.

Replacement and assembly of this chainring 54 teeth:

Replacing this type of chainring is quick and easy, it does not require removing the crankset from the bike. A hexagonal allen key for remove / tightening the fixing screws and the shimano TL FC20 tool for holding the chimneys are required.

We recommend the use of thread locker on the screws and chimneys of the chainrings.

In order to maintain the longest life of this compact chainring, the chain must be permanently lubricated.

Methodology of assembly for this chainring 54 teeth:

  • Put the TL FC20 tool on one chimney for lock it 
  • unscrew the fixture screw and remove it 
  • repeat the last two operations for each of the bindings
  • remove the chainring
  • put the new chainring, taking care to orient the anti chain skipping pin behind the crank
  • put the screws and chimneys
  • torque tighten each of the screws, holding each of the chimneys with the Shimano TL FC20 tool
  • if the replaced chainring and the new chainring do not have exactly the same number of teeth, it will be necessary to adjust the front derailleur

Data sheet
  • Condition

    9: new without packaging

  • Gears number


  • Teeth number

    54 teeth

  • BCD (fixtures diameter)

    86 mm

  • Location


  • Use

    Road bike


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