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1 inch headset FSA Orbit

1 inch headset FSA Orbit

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1 inch headset FSA Orbit,

  • for smooth fork tube diameter 1" (25.4 mm),
  • annular bearings, waterproof,
  • sold without cap and star.
  • It is new in a packaging.
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Use of this 1 inch headset :

This 1 inch headset is designed for use on a road bike, fixie, single speed or road racing bike.
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Compatibility of this 1 inch headset :

With a diameter of 1 inch (25.4 mm), it is designed to fit on a smooth steerer tube. The stem corresponding to this assembly must be headset (to be fixed on the fork steerer).

Fitting of this 1 inch headset :

Assembly of this 1 inch headset requires a cup puller, cup assembly tool and 2 open end wrenches. We recommend the use of a workshop stand to make it easier to hold the frame of the bike during the headset replacement operation.


  • Unscrew then remove the headset cover
  • Unscrew and remove the stem
  • Remove the fork
  • Disassemble the headset stopper from the fork pivot
  • Extract the headset cups from the frame
  • Assemble the cups of this 1 inch aheadset FSA Orbit headset into the head tube on the frame
  • Assemble the headset stopper 1 inch aheadset on the fork
  • Put the bearings in the cups using grease
  • Put the fork steerer through the cups in the steerer tube
  • Assemble the upper stopper and 1 or 2 spacers on the fork steerer
  • Put the stem then the headset cover on the fork tube
  • Tighten the cover screw to remove the movements in the bearings, the steering must be able to turn freely
  • Orient the stem in the direction of the wheel and torque its fixing screws

Maintenance of this 1 inch headset :

This 1 inch headset is made up of ring bearings that need to be lubricated with grease in order to reduce friction.

Accessories in addition to this 1 inch headset :

To complete this 1 inch headset, many components, accessories and parts are available in our shop in checked used condition or new from clearance at the best price. You will find compatible stems or forks, which can be assembled with this 1 inch headset.


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