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List of products by brand Campagnolo

Campagnolo is one of the leading brands in the design and manufacture of components for the transmission of road bikes. This brand reached its peak in the 1980s when most of the success of road cycling was achieved with Campagnolo drivetrains. The components that make up a Campagnolo transmission are designed to work together, the derailleurs, shift levers, crankset, road bike pedals, cassette, chain, hubs and brakes form a whole. Today this company employs more than 1000 people, its headquarters are located in Vicenza.

Historic of the Campagnolo brand :

  • 1933, creation of the Campagnolo company by Gentullio Campagnolo, 32 years old and amateur cyclist. He manufactured his first hubs fitted with a quick coupler on the basis of a patent he filed in 1930.
  • 1940, Tullio hires its first full-time employee. The first Campagnolo derailleur enters series production
  • In 1949, Campagnolo developed a parallelogram derailleur like Gran Sport
  • 1950, Gentullio Campagnolo opens an assembly and finishing workshop in France
  • 1956, the first Campagnolo parallelogram front derailleur is industrialized
  • In 1963, the first rear derailleur in the Record range was available
  • 1966, the first super record derailleur is used by Eddy Merckx for his first victories in the Tour de France
  • In 1967, a second workshop was opened in San Lazarrio di Savena, the company has around 300 employees.
  • 1973, due to its mastery of magnesium molding, Campagnolo manufactures wheels for Harley Davidson
  • In 1983, Gentullio Campagnolo died
  • 1985, Campagnolo industrializes the parallelogram delta braking system to increase braking pressure
  • In 1989, Campagnolo offered a drivetrain group for mountain bikes
  • 1991, the transmission groups are offered in 8 speeds
  • In 1992, Campagnolo designed its first handlebar shifters (ergopower)
  • 1993, the production of delta brakes stops
  • In 1994, Campagnolo withdrew from mountain biking, stopping production of its transmission group.
  • 1997, Campagnolo transmissions are developed in 9 speeds
  • In 2000, Campagnolo offered its first transmission group for a 10-speed road bike.
  • 2001, first use of carbon on the brake levers
  • 2004, use of carbon on the cranks of the cranksets 
  • In 2005, shifter and brake levers for flat handlebars were offered
  • 2008, the first 11-speed transmission groups are industrialized
  • In 2011, the first Campagnolo electric transmission group was used by the Movistar cycling team on the Tour de France
  • 2014, the Fullcrum wheel brand is created by Campagnolo, the freehub bodies are compatible with Campagnolo or Shimano cassettes
  • 2018, the first 12-speed mechanical transmission groups are industrialized
  • 2019, Compagnolo offers its first 12-speed electric transmission groups

Campagnolo plants:

The campagnolo design office is located in the historic site of Vicenza, where the high-end units are manufactured. Campagnolo also has two factories in Romania which make it possible to contain labor costs without the copying risks associated with production in Asia.

Campagnolo components for sale on SL Sport equipments:

The Campagnolo parts offered in our shop may be in used condition or new from stock. Used components are cleaned and overhauled before they are put on sale, their condition is measured on a scale from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new in its packaging); the components in new condition come from destocking, they are available in limited stock, at the best price.

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