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Racing or road bike gears levers are used as controls for actuating derailleurs used for gear changes.

The gear changes can be done on the handlebars or the frame by friction or by indexing. They can operate 5 to 12 speeds by mechanical or electric cable.

Our range of road bike gears levers :

Whatever your level of practice or the type of drivetrain assembled on your bike, you will find in our shop levers for changing gears on your racing or road bike.

Manufacturers regularly renew their ranges and models in order to integrate new technology, increase performance and reliability, we can offer solutions for your recent drivetrain system as well as for an old assembly.

Compatibility and choice of racing bike gearshift levers:

Choosing a gearshift lever for racing or road bikes requires identifying

  • the brand and range of your drivetrain
  • the number of speeds,
  • the type of control (mechanical or electrical)

The derailleur, the cassette, the crankset, the chain are items which to interact in the best conditions and for the best performance must be designed according to the same standards, it will not be possible for example to use a Shimano derailleur with a lever Campagnolo or Sram.

On the other hand, two models of components from the same brand can work together provided they have been developed for the same number of speeds. Shimano Ultegra 10 speed shifters can work with Shimano 105 10 speed derailleurs, cassette or chain.

Gears levers for vintage racing bikes:

Before the arrival of gear changes integrated into the brake levers, gear levers were attached to the frame of the racing bike. At the beginning of the twentieth century the position of the levers were maintained by friction or by friction, then indexing appeared. Positioning by friction or friction could generate a random position of the derailleurs which generated chain jumps or friction noises. With indexing (tactile sensation corresponding to a given position), the position of the derailleurs in relation to the cassette pinions is always the same. The gear changes by levers attached to the frame of the racing bike were replaced in the 90s by shifters on the handlebars of the road bike. The last lever configuration corresponded to 3 plates and 8 indexed speeds.

Maintenance of a racing bike gears levers :

Cleaning with soapy water without pressure keeps your hand rests and brake levers clean.

The shifters for racing or road bikes are made up of micromechanics that should be lubricated regularly in order to maintain their operating condition at the best level. We recommend the use of an aerosol specific bicycle lubricant because it is an oil that does not stick and can be easily injected into the lever mechanism.

Electric drivetrain models do not require lubrication, however the electrical connections must be checked regularly in order to anticipate their oxidation.

Unfortunately, the repair of a gear control is not possible because the components which constitute it are not sold separately, on the other hand, the hand rests and the levers of certain models can be replaced.

Accessories in addition to a racing bike gears levers for road bike :

In addition to or for the repair of your shifters for racing or road bikes, we offer replacement components such as palm rests, levers, cables or bar tape, a range of front derailleur, derailleur back,...

More than 350 brands of components available in stock are offered in our store, we regularly renew our offer so that you can find the part or accessory corresponding to your needs.

Checking a used racing bike gears lever:

Used parts and accessories available in our shop are cleaned and checked, here are the checks we carry out:

  • visual check of the hand rest, the brake lever and the gear change mechanism, in the case of an electric lever, we check the condition of the connector
  • we carry out functional tests in order to check that the passage of each gear is done under the best conditions.
  • for a mechanical lever, we lubricate the gear change mechanism

Based on these observations, the general condition of the race or road bike gear lever is rated from 0 (bad for parts) to 10 (new in its packaging).