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A bike is made up of more than a hundred parts, some of which wear out and others require maintenance in order to maintain their lifespan. 

The disassembly, replacement and assembly of these components and accessories requires standard tools that can be used for all types of equipment and bicycle-specific tools.

Choosing a bike tool kit :

There are two types of tools intended for the maintenance or repair of bicycles:

  1. the transportables are compact and multifunctional, they are composed of standard items such as allen wrenches, tire levers, a knife, a bottle opener or flat keys. This type of tool makes it possible to perform simple and quick operations.
  2. disassembly or extraction tools such as a chain whip, a pedal wrench, a cassette disassembly key, a crank extractor. This type of tool is intended for repair or major maintenance operations which require special knowledge.

The nomadic tool models that we offer can be easily positioned in a saddle bag.

Manufacturers of bicycle components may recommend specific tools for the assembly and / or adjustment of the parts and accessories they offer on the market. In this case, the choice of the tool requires identifying the brand and model of the component to be assembled or disassembled, the year of the component can also be a criterion for the choice of a version.

Manufacturers such as Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo, Rock Shox, Mavic, ... offer bicycle tools compatible with the components they have designed but brands have also specialized in tools for cycling such as VAR, Lezyne , ...

Here are some examples of parts which for their adjustment and assembly do not require a specific tool, only a standard or transportable tool may be sufficient: the rear derailleur; a cable brake lever, assembly of the gear levers, ... Specific tools may be necessary for replacing a bearing, changing a cassette, assembling a crankset, etc ...

Maintenance and replacement of bicycle tools :

Bicycle tools do not require specific maintenance because their design is generally simple. However, monitoring their state of wear is important because a tool in poor condition could damage the part or accessory on which it is to be used. Tools with a thread such as crank pullers are particularly sensitive.

Accessories in addition to bicycle tools :

We offer a large number of standard, specific, standard or transportable bicycle tools at the best price among more than 350 brands in second hand or new condition from stock.

Some brands like Mavic do not allow the renovation of their products by non-specialists, in fact the guarantee ends when an unauthorized person intervenes on a product requiring specific techniques and tools. Repair of some components.

Here are some examples of brands specializing in the design and manufacture of tools: Var, Lezyne, ...