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A road bike cassette is a set of sprockets assembled on the freewheel on the rear wheel hub of a bicycle. 

The chain, cassette and rear derailleur allow you to vary the gear ratio, transmission ratio or development. Cassettes for road bikes fitted with sprockets with a small number of teeth will be used for flat roads, while cassettes fitted with sprockets with a large number of teeth will be used on road climbs.

Road bike cassettes are available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 speeds.

Our offer of road bike cassettes :

The sprockets cassettes for road bikes that we offer are new from clearances or used from all brands: Campagnolo, Shimano, Sram, BBB, Sunrace, ... and all models like Dura ace, Record, Chorus, Ultegra, Athena, Xenon, Sora, 105, ...

More than 350 brands and many models are available in our shop, we have solutions for occasional cyclists as well as for the competitor cyclist.

Compatibility of a road bike cassette :

To obtain the best performance from your transmission, it is needed to choose components designed to work together. The choice of a cassette for road bikes is based on the brand, model and number of gears of your transmission. For example, a Shimano cassette cannot be assembled on a Campagnolo freewheel body because the fixing system is not identical. For optimal operation we recommend the use of a chain, cassette, chainrings, crankset, derailleurs and shifters from the same brand of the same model.

Some models of spare parts are no longer industrialized but may still be available in new or used condition in our shop.

Maintenance and replacement of a road bike cassette :

The best functionnality of the gear transmission assembled on your road bike requires regular monitoring and maintenance of the cassette, chain and derailleur assemblies. It is necessary to degrease the road bike cassette and the chain and then lubricate the chain of your road bike regularly, indeed grease tends to dry in the open air and many pollutants such as dust or sand can be accumulated between the sprockets and in the rollers of the rear derailleur. The state of wear of the teeth on each sprocket is an indicator of the wear of the cassette, rounded teeth can indicate an advanced state of wear which can generate chain breaks, in this case the chain and the cassette should be replaced in order to restore normal operation of the gear transmission.

Dismantling a cassette for road bikes requires specific tools.

The lifetime of a cassette + chain assembly can be more than 5000 kilometers, but greater is the number of gears, shorter will be the lifetime of these components. For example, a 12 speeds chain and cassette has to be replaced every 2000 kilometers.