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The bike derailleur was invented in France at the start of the twentieth century by a bicycle dealer. 

This component has become essential on all types of bikes.

Function of a bike derailleur:

Whatever cyclists level for whom the road bikes are currently designed, they are all fitted with a multi-speed transmission system.

The gear ratio change allows you to choose the best compromise between strength and velocity to climb an ascent, adapt your speed on the flat or downhill. The choice of gear is made by positioning the chain on a sprocket and a chainring in order to adujst the gear ratio. The bike derailleur of a road model is an actuator which places the chain on the reduction ratio chosen by the cyclist by means of a shifter. Indexing is a tactile or audible sensation which indicates to the user the placement of the chain on a new sprocket or a new chainring.

How to choose a bike derailleur?

There are many brands of gear transmission for road bikes on the market, such as Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram or Microshift. Unfortunately, the components designed by these manufacturers cannot work together. Indeed, a shimano shifter will not be compatible with a campagnolo bike derailleur. On the other hand, the ranges of the same manufacturer can be associated with each other on the condition that they are provided for the same number of speeds and that the control is of the same type (electrical or mechanical). However, to obtain optimal operation and reach the level of performance expected by the manufacturer, it is advisable to use the maximum of components from the same range.

In recent years, manufacturers have developed models of derailleurs and electric shifters that allow precise, fast and flexible operation of the gear transmission. Some models work even without wires. With this type of bike derailleur, the adjustment of the indexing and of each stop is simplified since these characteristics have already been set by the manufacturers.

Maintenance and replacement of a bike derailleur:

A road bike derailleur requires regular monitoring to maintain its performance. Indeed, the chain, the cassette and the rollers must be regularly cleaned and degreased. Then all the axles, chain, cassette of sprockets and rollers must be lubricated. For cable models, it is needed to regularly check their adjustment because the cable is sensitive to temperatures change. For electric models, check that there are no marks of oxidation at the connectors and that the cables are not damaged.

In the event of a fall, it is essential to check the sensitive items of the derailleur of your road bike, the cage that holds the rollers must not be twisted and there must be no crack on the carbon components for the most high-end models.

Accessories for bike derailleur:

A large number of components needed for the proper functionnality of a bike derailleur are available in our shop. Whatever the type or level of practice for which you are looking for a part or an accessory, we offer revised second-hand or new cleared solutions at the best price. Many models in stock await you.

You will also find rare parts such as the first electric derailleur invented by Mavic