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The chains of recumbent bicycles, like those of other types of bicycles, have the main function of transferring the pedaling power of the cyclist to the wheels of the bicycle. However, due to the particular design of recumbent bikes, some features and specifications may differ. Here is a description of their function, characteristics and standards:

Function :

1. Power transfer:

The main function of a recumbent bicycle's chain is to transfer the power generated by the rider while pedaling to the bicycle's wheels, thereby propelling the bicycle forward.

2. Maintaining tension:

As with any bicycle, the chain must maintain proper tension to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the drivetrain system, adapting to the different positions and angles of the chain on a recumbent bike.

Features :

1. Length:

The length of the chain must be adapted to the specific configuration of the recumbent bike, taking into account the distance between the crankset and the rear wheel hub. Some recumbent bikes may require longer chains due to their elongated design.

2. Width:

The width of the chain may vary depending on the number of speeds of the recumbent bike's transmission system. Chains for recumbent bicycles are often similar to those for conventional bicycles, but they may be slightly longer to accommodate the particular configuration of the bicycle.


Chain standards for recumbent bikes are generally the same as for conventional bikes. However, due to the different designs and configurations of recumbent bikes, it may be necessary to choose a specific length chain to ensure optimal operation.

In summary, the chain of a recumbent bicycle performs the same function as that of a conventional bicycle, that is, to transfer the pedaling power of the cyclist to the wheels of the bicycle. However, due to the unique design of recumbent bikes, some specifications such as chain length and angle may differ, sometimes requiring specific adjustments when choosing and installing the chain.