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The bottom bracket is a crucial component of track bikes, as it houses the bearings that allow the smooth rotation of the crankset relative to the bike frame. Here is a description of its function, characteristics, standards and the different types of bottom brackets for track bikes:

Function :

1. Rotation support:

The bottom bracket provides support for the bearings that allow rotation of the bottom bracket, where the pedals are attached, relative to the bicycle frame. This allows the cyclist to pedal efficiently and safely.

2. Power transfer:

It ensures the efficient transfer of the cyclist's pedaling power to the bicycle wheels, thereby contributing to the propulsion of the bicycle.

Features :

1. Thread type:

Bottom brackets can have different thread types to accommodate different types of cranksets and frames. Common thread types include English thread (BSA), Italian thread, and French thread.

2. Width:

The width of the bottom bracket varies depending on the type of frame and the type of crankset used. Bottom brackets for track bikes are typically designed for use with square axle cranksets or cartridge cranksets.

3. Material:

Bottom brackets can be made from steel, aluminum or plastic. Lightweight materials like aluminum are often favored to reduce the overall weight of the bike.


1. Thread type:

Common thread standards include English thread (BSA), which is the most widely used, as well as Italian thread and French thread.

2. Compatibility:

Bottom brackets must be compatible with the type of frame and type of crankset used. Some track bike frames are designed for specific bottom brackets, while others can be used with a variety of bottom bracket types.

Different types of bottom brackets for track bikes:

1. Square axle bottom brackets:

These bottom brackets are designed for use with square axle cranksets, which are still commonly used on track bikes. They are available in a variety of threads to fit different frame types.

2. Cartridge bottom brackets:

These bottom brackets feature sealed bearings in a cartridge, making them easy to install and maintain. They are often used on high-end trail bikes to provide a smoother ride and increased durability.

In summary, the track bike bottom bracket is an essential component that allows the smooth rotation of the crankset in relation to the bike frame. With specific features such as thread type, width and material, as well as manufacturing standards, it contributes significantly to the bike's performance and durability on the track.