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Track bike chain tensioners are essential components that maintain chain tension and ensure a smooth workout. Here is a description of their function, their characteristics, the standards and the different types of chain tensioners for track bikes:

Function :

1. Maintaining tension:

Chain tensioners maintain proper chain tension on the sprocket and chainring, preventing chain derailment and ensuring efficient power transmission.

2. Prevention of chain beating:

They prevent the chain from beating against the frame or bicycle components, reducing wear and extending the life of the chain.

Features :

1. Mounting type:

Chain tensioners can be mounted in different ways, either on the rear wheel tensioner or on the bicycle frame. Some models are also integrated into the frame itself.

2. Voltage adjustment:

Some chain tensioners offer the ability to manually adjust the chain tension, allowing for precise adjustment based on rider preference and riding conditions.

3. Construction material:

Chain tensioners can be made from different materials, such as aluminum, steel or titanium. Lightweight materials like titanium are often favored to reduce the weight of the bike.



Chain tensioners must be compatible with the type of frame and drivetrain of the bicycle. Some models are designed for specific frames, while others are universal and fit a variety of frames.

Different types of chain tensioners for track bikes:

1. Roller chain tensioners:

These tensioners use rollers to maintain chain tension and reduce friction, resulting in a smooth, quiet workout.

2. Spring chain tensioners:

These tensioners use a spring to maintain chain tension. They often provide consistent tension and can be adjusted to fit different bike setups.

3. Screw chain tensioners:

These tensioners use a screw to manually adjust the chain tension. They offer precise adjustment but sometimes require frequent adjustment.

In summary, track bike chain tensioners are important components to ensure smooth and reliable drivetrain operation. With specific features such as mounting type, tension adjustment and construction material, they contribute significantly to the bike's performance and durability on the trail.