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The handlebars of a track bike are an essential component that influences the bike's riding position, handling and aerodynamics during track racing. Here is a description of its function and characteristics:

1. Function:

- The handlebars of a track bike serve several important functions:

- Driving position:

It determines the rider's position on the bike, thus influencing their comfort and aerodynamic efficiency during the ride.

- Bike control:

The handlebar allows the rider to steer the bike by turning the handlebars in the desired direction, ensuring precise and responsive handling on the trail.

- Aero Dynamics :

Some types of handlebars are designed to reduce air resistance and improve the bike's aerodynamics, which can be crucial for reaching high speeds on the trail.

- Support for orders:

The handlebar serves as a support for controls and accessories such as brake levers, grips, extenders and lights, providing easy and convenient access while riding.

2. Features:

- Shape and design:

Track bike handlebars usually have a specific shape suited to the demands of the track. Common shapes include bullhorn, chase, drop, or aero handlebars. Each type of handlebar offers specific advantages in terms of riding position, aerodynamics and comfort.

- Width and height :

Track bike handlebars can vary in width and height depending on rider preference and racing discipline. A wider handlebar may provide better stability and control, while a narrower handlebar may be preferred for better aerodynamics.

- Construction materials :

Track bike handlebars are typically made from lightweight, stiff materials such as high-quality aluminum, carbon, or steel. These materials provide both excellent rigidity for efficient power transmission and a reduction in the overall weight of the bike for optimal handling.

- Setting options:

Some types of track bike handlebars offer adjustment options to adjust the position of the extenders, grips and brake levers, allowing the rider to customize their riding position for optimal comfort and improved aerodynamics.

- Compatibility with accessories:

Some handlebars can be equipped with attachment points for accessories such as extenders, bottle cages, lights or speedometers, providing additional versatility to meet the rider's specific track racing needs.

In summary, the handlebars of a track bike are an essential component that influences the riding position, handling and aerodynamics of the bike during track racing. Its main features include shape and design, width and height, construction materials, adjustment options and accessory compatibility. These features are optimized to provide a fast, precise and comfortable ride on the track and to maximize the rider's performance during the race.