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A dirt mountain bike fork, also known as a dirt jump fork, is a crucial component that affects the performance, handling and comfort of the bike when performing jumps, tricks and acrobatic evolutions on urban courses or dirt tracks. Here is a description of its function, its characteristics and the associated standards:

Function :

1. Shock absorption:

The primary function of a dirt mountain bike fork is to absorb shock and vibration from the rough terrain encountered when performing jumps and tricks. This allows the rider to maintain control and balance of the bike during landings.

2. Stability and control:

A good dirt bike fork contributes to the stability and control of the bike by providing effective suspension and absorbing impacts during landings. This allows the rider to execute jumps and tricks with confidence and precision.

Features :

1. Limited travel:

Unlike dirt mountain bike forks which can have significant travel to absorb big shocks, dirt mountain bike forks generally have limited travel. This allows for better responsiveness and control of the bike during jumps and landings.

2. Rigidity:

Dirt MTB forks are designed to be stiff to maintain steering precision and bike responsiveness during jumps and tricks. They are often made of aluminum or steel to combine lightness and strength.

3. Suspension settings:

Dirt MTB forks can be equipped with suspension adjustments such as preload, compression and rebound. These settings allow the suspension to be adjusted according to the rider's preferences and terrain characteristics.

4. Brake Compatibility:

Dirt MTB forks are typically compatible with disc brakes to provide effective speed control when jumping and descending. They are often equipped with supports for disc brake calipers.


1. Head tube diameter:

Dirt mountain bike forks typically use common head tube diameters, such as 1 1/8 inches or 1.5 inches. It is important to choose a fork compatible with the diameter of the head tube of the bicycle frame.

2. Wheel Compatibility:

Dirt MTB forks are designed to fit standard diameter wheels, typically 26 inches. This allows compatibility with a wide range of tires and rims suitable for dirt jumping.

In summary, a dirt mountain bike fork is a crucial element that influences the performance and handling of the bike when performing jumps and tricks. With features such as limited travel, high rigidity and disc brake compatibility, it provides efficient suspension and precise control for the optimal dirt jumping experience.