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They connect the hub, which houses the axle, to the rim, creating a tensioned network that distributes the forces encountered during riding. The function of MTB spokes can be explained as follows:

Structural Support :

Spokes provide structural support to the wheel, allowing it to bear the weight of the rider and bike. The tensioned spokes work together to form a rigid and robust framework that helps maintain the wheel's shape and integrity.

Load Distribution :

As the rider applies force to the pedals, the spokes transfer the torque from the hub to the rim. The tension in the spokes helps distribute the load evenly across the entire wheel, allowing it to handle the forces exerted during acceleration, climbing, and braking.

Lateral and Radial Stability :

Spokes provide lateral and radial stability to the wheel. They counteract forces that would otherwise cause the rim to wobble from side to side or become distorted. The tension in the spokes resists lateral forces and helps maintain the wheel's trueness, ensuring a straight and stable ride.

Impact Absorption :

MTB wheels encounter rough terrain, jumps, and impacts during off-road riding. Spokes play a role in absorbing and dissipating the impact forces, helping to protect the rim and prevent damage. The flexibility of the spokes helps to absorb shocks and vibrations, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Wheel Strength and Durability :

The tensioned spoke network contributes to the overall strength and durability of the wheel. The combination of spoke material, thickness, and proper tensioning ensures that the wheel can withstand the demanding conditions of mountain biking without becoming excessively deformed or failing.

Maintenance and Truing :

Spokes also play a role in wheel maintenance. If the wheel becomes slightly out of true or develops minor imperfections, adjustments to the spoke tension can be made to correct these issues. This process is known as truing the wheel and helps maintain optimal performance and alignment.

Overall, the spokes in an MTB wheel are critical components that provide strength, stability, and support. Their proper tensioning and alignment are essential for maintaining wheel integrity, optimizing performance, and ensuring a reliable and enjoyable riding experience.