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    Grips length 145 mm
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The mountain bike grips are assembled on the handlebar at the level of its grip by the cyclist. Generally in elastomer they can be of different colors, of different shapes and of different lengths.

Choice of mountain bike grips:

Each type of use generates different constraints, indeed downhill, enduro or freeride vibrations and shocks will be more important than in cross country, in this case we recommend thicker elastomer models which will have the function of damping vibrations. For use in cross country it is important that the grips can not turn during significant efforts such as the rise of a high percentage, some models of mountain bike grips have aluminum necklaces to screw which once tightened prohibit all movements grips. The models of long grips are particularly suitable for brake levers that can be actuated by three fingers but requires a wide handlebar when using bar ends.

Here are some examples of mountain bike grips brands: Odi, Pro, Spank, ...

Assembly of mountain bike grips:

The assembly of mountain bike grips is simple and very quick, it may require a set of allen keys for the locking versions. Disassembly can be done using a flat screwdriver pushed between the grip and the handlebar, a projection of degreaser along the screwdriver can help to take off the handle of the handlebar. We do not recommend cutting the grips with a cutting item because there is a risk for your safety and this operation can damage your handlebar.

To make it easier to mount your mountain bike grips, very small amount of liquid soap can be used because after drying it will tend to stick the MTB grip on the handlebar.

Maintenance and replacement of mountain bike grips:

This type of component does not require any particular monitoring, on the other hand it may be necessary to wash them with water without soap, in fact certain elastomers and soap can interact with each other, in this case certain materials used in the manufacture of grips can make them sticky to the touch.

We recommend that you use cycling gloves with your mountain bike grips because they are a protection against branches and plants that can injure you but they also improve the grip of the hands on the grips.

The mountain bike grips wear out when used and degrade when they are not used. A grip that tears and / or whose designs and shapes disappear are signs of pronounced wear, in this case it is necessary to replace them.

We recommend that you always have plugs at each end of your MTB handlebar so as not to injure yourself and damage your grips during a fall.

Accessories with mountain bike grips:

We offer many complementary components to mountain bike grips such as handlebar caps, bar ends of handlebars, stems for mountain bike, brake levers and levers.

More than 350 brands and many models are offered at the best price in second hand or new cleared condition. The condition of used parts and accessories is rated from 0 to 10 in order to allow you to assess their level of performance.