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A fixie rim is an essential component of a fixed gear bicycle, also known as a "fixie". Here is a presentation of its function and characteristics:

Function :

The main function of a fixie rim is to provide a contact surface for the bike's tires, thereby enabling the transmission of power generated by the rider to move the bike forward. In the specific case of a fixie, the rim is also crucial because it plays a role in managing rolling resistance when the rider stops pedaling. Unlike a freewheel bike, where the wheel can spin independently of the pedals when the rider stops pedaling, on a fixie the wheel is directly linked to the pedaling movements, meaning the rim must be strong and well-constructed to manage the additional constraints imposed by this configuration.

Features :

1. Strength and durability:

Fixie rims are usually made from sturdy materials such as aluminum or carbon to ensure sufficient strength and durability, as they must withstand the stresses exerted by the fixed gear.

2. Low profile:

Fixie rims often have a low profile to aid aerodynamics, which can be beneficial for riders looking to maximize their speed on the road. 

3. Brake Compatibility:

Although some fixies are designed to be used without brakes, many models are equipped with brakes, and rims must be compatible with these braking systems.

4. Size and width:

Fixie rims come in different sizes and widths to accommodate different tire types and rider preferences for performance and comfort.

5. Aesthetics:

As with many bicycle components, aesthetics also play an important role. Fixie rims often come in a variety of colors and finishes to allow riders to customize the look of their bike.

In summary, a fixie rim must be strong, light, durable and aesthetically pleasing, while being adapted to the particular configuration of a fixed gear bike.