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The bike tire of a fixie is generally of narrow section like on a road bike whereas the tire of a Gravel is wider its section approaches that of a VTC and is identical to that of a cyclo cross bike.

Choosing a bike tire for fixie :

The bike tire of a fixie can be of several colors to match those of the components of the bike. After assembly, it becomes blocked in the hooks of the rim under the pressure of the inner tube.

The practice of fixie requires tires resistant to wear and punctures. For city use, we recommend that you choose models equipped with a thick tread, a smooth tread and designs that allow good water drainage. the wider its section, the more comfortable it will be but resistant to rolling.

Choosing a bike tire for gravel :

A bike tire for gravel is usually studded, it can be two-tone with light colored sidewalls for an old look. There is an alternative to the tire, the tubular which sticks directly to the rim.

The tread of this type of tire or tubular must be thick enough to resist flint intrusion and cuts and its relatively wide section for good grip in turns.

You will find in our article "How to define the correct tire pressure for a bicycle" the parameters allowing to determine the value of pressure to be applied in your tires.

Here are some examples of brands: BRN, Michelin, Hutchinson, ...

Assembly :

Assembling a bike tire for fixie or gravel may require a pair of tire levers. For a gravel hose it is necessary to use a specific glue. A foot pump with pressure gauge is also necessary for precise adjustment of the pressure value.

Tip: Applying talcum powder between the tire and the inner tube can help prevent pinching between the rim and the tire.

Maintenance and replacement of a bike tire for fixie :

We recommend that you regularly check the state of wear of your tires, in fact they are not equipped with a wear indicator and it is therefore necessary to estimate it visually.

The tread must not have deep cuts in which the tread is visible, the sidewalls must not be cracked. Repeated punctures are also a sign of severe wear and tear on the tire and that it needs to be replaced.

The rim tape must also always be in good condition so as not to reveal the holes for the passage of the spoke heads and thus "injure" the inner tube.

Advice: after each use, we recommend that you drop the air pressure of each tire so that they do not become deformed prematurely.


You will find in our shop a large number of components and accessories in used or new condition at the best price for your fixie or your gravel among more than 350 brands available in stock.