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The fixie handlebar is a key component of the direction of your bike, it can have different shapes and materials, its choice will depend on the position you want to have.

Characteristics of a fixie handlebar :

fixie handlebar can be straight or curved, in aluminum, steel or wood. A straight fixie handlebar will give you a raised MTB position while a track or pursuit model will give you multiple positions. There are also retro vintage models like the mustache handlebars that will give an old look to your bike.

If you use your bike in a dense city, we advise you to choose a narrow model allowing you to easily sneak in the traffic flows.

A steel fixie handlebar will be heavier than an aluminum or a wooden model, moreover it will necessarily be chrome-plated whereas with aluminum it is possible to obtain a large number of anodizing colors and the wood for which it is possible to obtain several ranges of colors. The choice of wood will give your bike a more rustic appearance, this material is also more flexible and therefore more comfortable than steel or aluminum. There are also carbon road or mountain bike handlebars that can be used on a fixie, this material has the advantage of being light, rigid and comfortable.

Compatibility of a fixie handlebar:

Three fixing diameters are available: 22.2 mm, 25.4 mm or 31.8 mm, its choice will depend on the characteristics of the stem choisen. However, sets of shims make it possible to compensate for the difference in diameter between the fixie handlebar and the stem.

A straight fixie handlebar will require the use of grips or foam while on a curved version it will be customary to put a handlebar tape, foam or no item of comfort.

The assembly of a handlebar on a fixie is simple because this type of bike does not have brake system or gears, only the assembly of the handles or the handlebar tape for comfort and a better grip of the handlebar are to be expected . No specific tools are needed and the replacement operation takes only a few minutes.


A fixie handlebar does not require maintenance, on the other hand in the event of deformation or cracking following a fall or an unsuitable use (jump for example), it will be necessary to replace it, to ensure the safety of the cyclist who uses it.

Components for fixie handlebar:

We offer a large number of spare parts and accessories for your fixie among more than 350 brands at the best price for all levels of practice.

Some accessories are handcrafted with fine materials such as cork, cotton or leather as the Brooks brand has been doing for over 50 years. Others have an aesthetic sought after by colors and / or modern or neo-retro shapes, this is the case for the pedals, handlebars, stem, gears, wheels and mudguards designed by Extra +, BLB or Brooks.