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The MTB mudguards are adaptable accessories intended to limit projections towards the cyclist.

MTB mudguard choice :

The practice of mountain biking can be done in all conditions whatever the season or the state of the ground. When the ground becomes wet, the muddy soil between the studs of the tires is thrown by centrifugal force due to the rotation of the wheels. In this case, the large amount of mud can hinder the visibility of the cyclist and / or the operation of the transmission of the MTB, in fact the mud which settles between the sprockets of the cassette can generate chain jumps, in particular for smaller sprockets.

Adding a MTB mudguard can help limit projections and protect components whose operation could be affected by too much mud.

The MTB mudguards are removable by adjustable fasteners, they are in two parts, one fixed on the fork or on the down tube of the frame and the second on the seat post or on the seatstays of the frame.

MTB mudguard fixed under the diagonal tube protects the cyclist's torso from projections, this type of protection is light and compact. A model which assembles on the fork will limit much more the high projections which reduce the visibility of the cyclist.

A rear MTB mudguard which is fixed on the seat post protects the back of the cyclist and the other following cyclists, on the other hand it does not provide any protection of the transmission unlike a model which is fixed on the seatstays of the frame and goes down behind the bottom bracket. There are adjustable models to be attached to the seat post that allow you to adjust the angle of your protection distance from the tire.

Whatever the type or model of MTB mudguard chosen, the more sporty the practice, the more it will be necessary for it to be rigid, distant from the wheel in order to limit the accumulation of mud, its curvature must also correspond to the diameter of the wheel.

The MTB mudguard brands :

The best-known brands are Polisport, SKS, Zefal, Topeak, .. each of them offer models for occasional practice that have a great length and cover a large area, but also models that are shorter, more rigid and more lightweight which are more suitable for regular sport hiking.