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A MTB pump is an essential accessory, whether you are a regular practitioner or an occasional cyclist. It is the essential accessory for all mountain bikers.

Use of a MTB pump:

There are two types of MTB pump: the foot pump intended for domestic use generally fitted with a pressure gauge for accurate pressure adjustment and the hand pump intended to be used for breakdown assistance during outings.

The foot pump generates a larger volume of air, it allows to reach the pressure values ​​recommended by tire manufacturers while the hand pump is more compact, light for easy transport in a pocket, in a backpack or attached to the frame, it generates low pressures.

Some models of mini MTB pump are equipped with a telescopic body to generate a larger volume of air and an ergonomic handle for ease of use.

You will find in our guide how to define the MTB tire pressure for a MTB tire.

Here are some examples of brands: bike pumps btwin, zefal, sks, Lezyne ...


Two types of valves are used on a mountain bike: the schrader (automobile type) and the presta. Most MTB pumps are compatible with these two types of valves.

The pressure value to assume for a MTB pump generally does not exceed 3.5 bars, its body can be plastic, aluminum or carbon for weight gain.

The fitting of a tubeless tire requires a foot pump or a compressor fitted with a fitting and a pressure gauge.


MTB pump is subject to many constraints: vibrations, shocks, dust, sand, mud, humidity, it is therefore necessary to check it regularly. Its piston (s) must be greased in order to limit friction and therefore increase its service life. The seal with the valve tends to get dull after multiple uses, it must be replaced when it no longer performs its sealing function.

The appearance of a crack or a pronounced deformation of the MTB pump body requires its replacement.


We offer many complementary components to a MTB pump such as pressure controllers, puncture prevention, valves, valve extenders, tires, tubes, rim tape and puncture spray which allow re-inflate a punctured tire by injecting very small diameter hole sealant into it.

You will have access to a wide choice of products and models among more than 350 brands offered at the best price for all cyclists whatever their level of practice. The used spare parts and components offered have been checked and rated from 0 to 10 depending on their condition. The new equipment comes from clearance in limited stock.