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  • 26 inch tire Michelin country dry2
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    26 inch tire Michelin country dry2
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    29 inch tire Michelin country race r
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  • 29 inches MTB tire
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    29 inches MTB tire
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The MTB tire is one of the most important components for handling, grip and braking on your bike.

Use of mountain bike tire:

Depending on the type and practical level, the mountain bike tire can be fitted with a tread with or without studs, of a more or less wide section and of a different diameter. For example, to prioritize grip, a tire intended for enduro or downhill will be wider than a tire designed for cross country.

Compatibility of a MTB tire:

There are three standard diameters of MTB tire: 26 inches, 27.5 inches and 29 inches, the section must correspond to the use but also be compatible with the width of the rim.

Three types of technologies exist:

The pressure of a MTB tire will have an impact on the comfort, grip and handling of your bike, so it is necessary to define it precisely according to your weight and the type of ground.

The advantage of tubeless is to be able to drive at low pressure without the risk of puncture by pinching the air tube.

Methodology for choosing a MTB tire:

  • identify the diameter of the wheel on which the tire will be assembled
  • identify the type of assembly acceptable by the rim: tube or tubeless
  • choose the tread profile according to the use (smooth for the road and with crampons for all ground)
  • choose the section and compare it to the width allowed by the rim
  • choose the type of screed (rigid for permanent mounting, flexible for easy transport)

Assembly of a mountain bike tire:

Assembling an inner tube tire requires two tire levers and a foot or hand pump. On the other hand, a tubeless ready or tubeless MTB tire is mounted by hand, a compressor will be necessary to push the sidewalls back onto the rim and make it "click".

Accessories for MTB tire:

We offer many components that can be assembled with a MTB tire such as air tubes, rim tape, valves and anti-puncture strips among more than 350 brands available in stock.

Here are some examples of MTB tire brands: Hutchinson, MichelinSchwalbe, Maxxis, ...